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What's DOS?
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Lenovo Y700 - stuck @ 2.2 GHZ on Windows 7



My girfriend got herself Y700-17. I installed Win 7 64bit on this laptop and it's working almost ok. The only problem is that the cpu (i5-6300hq) frequency is stuck at 2.2 ghz (cpuz shows it varies between 2193, 2194 and 2195 ghz). It will never go down or up to 3.2ghz like it should (or even 2.3, it's nominal frequency). It's frustrating because it makes the system fans run audibly loud even when not necessary, and the cpu is not reaching it's full potential. I read other similar  topic and saw that everything was normal under windows 10 so I'm gonna install it and try, but I'd really like to avoid having to use that system.


Does all the skylakes behave like this under windows 7?

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Re: Lenovo Y700 - stuck @ 2.2 GHZ on Windows 7

Why 7, wasn't meant to be! Win 8.1 and all would be well as well as much faster.
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What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo Y700 - stuck @ 2.2 GHZ on Windows 7

Not exactly. Problem persist on 8.1

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