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Lenovo legion y720 combo headset jack


I bought a laptop a couple of his days with freedos. I installed it the Windows. Next all of the drivers I installed it onto him from the website of lenovo(i checked the serial number). Everything works well. 1-2 days after i bought a headset with two jack and i already bought jack splitter. I connected it and the speakers works well but the microphone not working. i watched lot of video how to fix it and read lot of forums. i update my bios, re-install realtek, update all driver,
I ran troubleshooting. the microphone works, i tryed my other pc and works well, only this laptop can't detected.  I don't know what can i do for this more.
i made a video for see my options:
 Sorry for my english.
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Re: Lenovo legion y720 combo headset jack


First of all for the people who have the same issue but dont know of the existance of it the recepticle is a mic-headphone combo jack meaning you have to insert a device with a jack that has both into the recepticle.

A stand alone headphone and a standalone microphone do indeed use the same jack but the laptop is desighned when a jack gets inserted with 3 rings on the jack it will act as a headphone input. So if you want to use a microphone with a jack you will need a combo jack splitter such as XDfgMcombo jack splitterthey also sell usb ones wich i preffer personally before i switched to a usb mic. 


If you were already aware of the upper statement, this might sound silly... but you might have accidently pressed the mic mute button that the laptop is equiped with some people press it without realising what it is or was and dont tend to check for it since most laptops do not have one. Try Pressing the keystrokes ( Fn + F4 ) it should pop up a unmute or mute symbol. I myself faffed around like why the hell am i muted only to forget i have a key that does it. As far as i know it doesnt register in Windows settings so it will just show the mic not having any input.


If that didnt help i can only asume that internally some setting is not propperly alighned with other programs since lenovo, nvidia and windows programs sometimes dont like working together.


hope this helps!


Ps, test out the splitter on your phone or another pc etc in case its broken you knever know with those things.

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