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Lenovo y520 100% disk usage

2017-07-26, 23:53 PM

HI, i have a lenovo legion Y520-15ikbn with 1tb hd, 8gb ram , gtx 1050 and it 7700hq.

I bought this laptop about 7 days ago and i had from first day many problems.

First of all the time of the boot is around 2-3 minute or more and the load of programs like steam is so slow. I noticed that the hdd is everytime (90% of time) on 100% disk usage. I tried to install some games like minecraft,rocket league and playersunkown's battlegorunds. In the first two games i hadn't problems, but with PUBG i had some problems like random crash,shuttering ecc..

I can't understand how laptop like this take on boot 5 minute, unbelievable.

Can someone help me?


Sorry for my bad english.


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Re: Lenovo y520 100% disk usage

2017-08-03, 15:09 PM

Hi moviemaker.


I'm not complete sure what can it be your issue but maybe it is:

1) There are some software missbehaving on Windows making it rise the HDD usage.

2) Maybe there is an HDD failure.


Since #2 will imply a HDD change, I will suggest trying to find some issues that cause #1.


a) Try closing any program that you have on in the PC. Go to the "Task Manager" and check the "Processes" tab. Try to find out if there is any specific app/process that is sucking up the HDD performance.


b) Try to find on the "Windows Startup" anything that you consider it should not be there. Go to the "Task Manager" and check the "Startup" tab. Disable the things that you consider not usefull, and reboot. Do not worry if you disabled something usefull since you can switch it back.


c) It is also good to update your drivers from time to time. The ease way is to use "Lenovo Companion" to update the driver on your machine. You can also visit the support site of the Y520 and also use the GeForce Experience to update the NVidia drivers.


If nothing of that works, my last hope is to make a "Windows 10 reset" (Or even a reinstall), but you will need to make a backup of your personal files of the computer. On this way to you can reset Windows to the factory settings, but notice it will take a lot of time (some time even more than reinstalling Windows).


I hope this helps.



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