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Lenovo y700-15ISK - Several Issues

Hello All,


I have several issues with my Y700-15ISK. I have the latest BIOS (CDCN35NWW or something from 2016/03/29) (in EUFI mode). The latest one, before all BIOS updates in connection with Y700 15ISKi disappeared from the Lenovo sites.


I mostly use the latop with an external monitor via HDMI. Sometimes (I could not find a rule when) it starts to display red dots over the screen. If it is 3D graphics it moves along with the texture. You can see screenshots in the link below.


The second problem is that the display goes black at random times and then it comes back after a 1-2 seconds. It is like when you change the resolution.


The 3rd problem is when the BIOS is in EUFI mode sometimes I get a VGA error 43 in the Windows Device Manager. The system tells me that it had problems with the device and disabled it completely. The solution for this is to reset the BIOS back to factory defaults and reconfigure it to the desired state. This is jus ta workaround because this problem can occur also totally random.


I've tested my external display with my other laptop Lenovo T440s with DisplayPort to HDMI converter and the same HDMI cable. Never experienced any problems. Tried Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 64 bit systems and all the Chipset, and VGA drivers which came out since then (provided by both Lenovo and Nvidia).


Pictures of the screen:!AmvQYqr8ukT-gYg6a85wd6zmvNESxw


Could you help me identify the core of the problem? 


Thank you for your help in advance!

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