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Lenovo y700 17inch cpu temp problem

im having some strange cpu temp with this one.

in game like dota 2 cpu can reach up to 95 C while gpu stays cool 75C

when a dota does that i dont know about more demanding games.

the think is it dosent thermal throttle like jumping from 3.1ghz to 2.6 it jus stays there like"im not gona fail boss even i get burned"

Any body have this hight while gaming videos in youtube seems to get max 75C in cput in games like gta 5 near maxed settings  which is more demanding .

Second question:

In back of laptop under the hood the one that cold air comes near 2 fans it has white color like dust  been using 3 weeks max it looks like using for months can somebody comfirm is white by default or i have to clean it.

Know im thinking about doing what a guys found a solution for amd y700 for my intel or force cpu max 2.5ghz but i want full cpu performance.

would this void my warrianty if i do but for example after doing it, lets say after 3 week screen start failing but the cooling is working fine would still have warrianty?

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