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Lenovo y700 not charging

2018-08-30, 4:02 AM

Had this laptop for about a year now and it has worked wonderfully. But the past few weeks it has randomly stopped charging for about a second or 2 then it starts charging again. Except just now, it stopped charging altogether. 

There are a few times here and there where it would charge for a fraction of a second. Think the problem is the laptop itself or the charger?


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Re: Lenovo y700 not charging

2018-08-30, 4:12 AM

There is actually no real way to determine whether it's the charger or the laptop right off the bat, we can only speculate and make assumptions that are MOST LIKELY true.

BUY A NEW CHARGER. If your laptop does charge, most likely it's your charger.


EDIT: Also, let me mention that if your charger will charge for a second then stop, and it keeps doing that or you keep plugging it in and out while it's doing that, you can very quickly damage your battery. It happened to me.


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Re: Lenovo y700 not charging

2018-08-30, 5:32 AM
Hi Litbacod!

Ok. For your encounter, it is pretty common. Generally, we consider 3 probable factors.

1) The Power Cord between the electrical outlet and power adapter. Not sure if your charger is this type. Sometimes, the fuse got worn off. This cable is common and see if you can swap around to isolate/test the issue.

2) The Power Adapter. Over time, the copper components inside the cable rubber insulation break. It depends how you wind and unwind the cable. It usually happen near the end points of either side; from the adapter, or near the connecting port. In order to test, either use a multi-meter tester or connect you charger to similar units (try the display units at the shops LOL). Alternatively, you may bring your laptop to the shops and borrow the charger to assess the situation.

3) The Laptop Mainboard. The PSU segment of the laptop mainboard could be faulty. The only way is replacement. Hope it is still under warranty. In order to narrow the issue down to this is to confirm that the charger is working. Now, there's a different between not powering up and not charging. If the laptop can operate with charger plugged in but battery cannot hold charge, it is highly likely battery faulty. If laptop cannot be powered up at all even with working charger, you need to send it in for servicing.

BTW, Windows will not charge your battery if it is 90% or more by default.

Good luck~
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