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Lenovo y720 driving me insane

Everything about this laptop looked good on paper. i7 7700HQ, GTX 1060 6 GB, Thunderbolt 3, etc.- what's not to love?


I spent days trying to figure out the mouse lag. Did memory diagnostic tests, reinstalled Windows, etc. Turns out it's a unique feature of this laptop. Nice.


Graphics drivers. I literally can't run Battlefield 1. It forces me to use the integrated graphics chip- and yes I've tried everything with NVIDIA Control Panel. From what I gathered from scouring the web, it's a unique annoyance associated with some NVIDIA Optimus laptops; i.e. this one. I updated to the newest drivers and even Minecraft started lagging; fortunately, this seems to be a problem only with the newest NVIDIA drivers on some NVIDIA Optimus laptops; i.e. this one.


WiFi. Not sure if it's a unique problem with this laptop since I have no other frame of reference, but it seems to have a lot of problems staying connected.


Are there any other problems I should know? I'd love to keep this laptop, because when it isn't having weird problems, it runs like a dream. However, if there are more annoyances to expect down the road, I'd like to know while I still have time to return it.


If there are people who can actually run everything properly, I'd like to know what NVIDIA drivers you're running or what you've done to get around these issues.

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Re: Lenovo y720 driving me insane

Yes, I am running things without issues.


1) Try installing an older NVIDIA driver BUT you need a clean install. Use DDU to uninstall the current NVIDIA driver, download an older NVIDIA driver from their Archive or Lenovo's website and install that.


2) BF1 or any other game for that matter should switch to GTX 1060 automatically. If that is not happening then something is interfering with Optimus. Like you said, NVIDIA Control panel is one way to deal with this issue - In the Program Settings, choose the program and set it to run on the High Performance GPU.


3) Could you please elaborate on Wifi Issue and what you have done to identify/fix it?


4) Try a power flee -

Shutdown laptop and disconnect power adapter.

Press power button for 45 seconds.

Reconnect and restart.


5) Check windows for errors -

Open CMD with admin privileges.

Type the command -

sfc /scannow

Check if there are any errors.


6) Update the Intel Chipset drivers from Lenovo's wesbite.


7) Update the BIOS.


8) ALWAYS play connected to the power adapter otherwise you won't get full performance.

Make your power plan High Performance.


Let me know if any of that helped. Thanks.



One Issue, Latest windows update is messing up chrome (the window goes black intermittently). That is a windows issue.

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