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Lots of issues for the Legion Y530 after less than half a year of use

Okay, so it's been a long day, and my computer is giving me so much grief that I honestly feel kind of like crying.

To begin, the battery issues:
Anytime I unplug my laptop from it's charger, it just shuts off. I can deal with this if it wasn't for the fact that around the time it began doing this, my battery refused to charge above 67%. Over the last two weeks or so, it has progressively gone down to 63%, and according to Lenovo Vantage, the battery condition is poor and from my research I think I might need to replace it, but I'm not sure since I've had this laptop only since February and I feel like the battery shouldn't already be kaput.

Second, processing (i think) issues:
I've tried playing four main games since my laptop started acting up with the battery, and those are Skyrim (Special Edition, Modded), Overwatch, Stardew Valley (Modded), and Hearthstone, and while the last two have never crashed my computer, Skyrim does any time I try and go into the overworld, and overwatch does whenever it tries to load a game map. The most frustrating thing is, I don't get any explanation, my screen just suddenly goes black and the power button goes dark. This laptop has had no problem running Overwatch in the past, and I've even used it for VR games with no issues

If anyone can help me figure out what's wrong, I'de appreciate it, and I can provide any additional information like dxdiag (i think that's what its called) and such. I should also probably mention that I've never owned a gaming laptop before, so if all this is just normal if you don't replace parts every three months, please let me know.

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