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My horrible experience with the Lenovo Y50 (purchased instantly on release) and Lenovo Support

So I was just wondering, after staring at my old laptop and how horrendous my experience was with Lenovo, I'd want to express how I feel.

I feel cheated, yeah. The Lenovo Y50 (when it was announced) was supposed to be the best laptop available. I have a variety of uses, which involves handling & loading heavy files (requiring RAM) and a lot of graphics designing & rendering. So all the specs was a godsend (at that time, yeah).

I paid approximately $1361.57 for it in December 2015, the 16GB version. The first few months were fine, no issues at all. You typically buy a laptop for around 2-3 years, PCs for around 5+. The last few years I've been switching through different laptops (ASUS Ultrabook, Dell Studio/Inspiron, HP Pavilion and so on). The spec upgrade was something I was looking for. (Would settle for a PC but I'm on the move usually)

First issue: August 2018 - the screen automatically flickered and duplicated (a previous screen was embedded and interfered with everything opened). Unusable. I went to the dealer I bought it from, they redirected me to a service center (of course), and the service center guy said it'll be done. Not to mention he mentioned the fact that the body and other parts can be replaced with a smug smile.

Took a month to get it back, whew. What a bad month that was, almost contemplated to cut my losses on time and buy another laptop. Didn't want to be a spendthrift. Nopes.

Fast forward, October 2018 - some issues with hinges and the body. I initially thought this would not be an issue, as it was just a small mishap. Hoped it could be done in a few days. What a fool I was. Lost the laptop for another month. They replaced the hinge (and said the body was "incoming" and due in a week). Gave the guy my cell and a friend's (in case mine wasn't reachable) - utter silence. Not to mention the product arrived entirely full of defects. The hinge was replaced, but the back cover was broken so it was still displaced. The screen encountered some newfound issues (I assume due to this months' transporting, couresty of Lenovo)

Around November 2018, I instantly faced another issue with the screen - which I completely expected the way the last months' support was poorly handled. By this time, I started having battery issues (for no reason, apparently). The body was in a poor condition.

This time, the guy said the warranty had expired a few days ago. How is that possible since my bill was dated in December? Guy shrugs and say isnt his problem. I ask where's the body replacement, he shrugs and continues to deflect. He suggests to renew warranty and he'll sign off on the condition and replace it a month later (if I bribed him). I decline the offer and leave (considering I didn't want to leave it again).

Then, via a different Lenovo service center, I tried asking for the body. Couldn't find it. $25 and I got the hinges replaced, they said it should fix the issue. It didn't. Took another $10 when I had to re-send it. Not to mention the screen died by now, which they blamed on me (obviously, not their mishandling) Wasted a week or so. These guys did it faster since they were charging real money and not slacking off on the warranty or wasting my time. No issues, but I just wanted something of quality.

The bottom body had issues around the charging port, which actually came out. At this time, I stopped using the laptop as I knew it would cause problems (considering the circuit wasn't working). Got charged $30 for the port and $35 for a charger.

Fast forward January 2018; issues with the body persist. I check up all similar issues, people have faced it in the past as well. I feel cheated, as the Y50 was entirely a defective product in itself (the design, everything). While I went the last time and told them to get it fixed ASAP - they took 2 weeks. I was charged $100 for a screen (not to mention they replaced the regular 1920x1080 60Hz screen with a 1366x768 44Hz screen which was incompatible, great), $250 for the motherboard and around $75 for the back cover & hinges. I thought it'd be done, but nopes. SSHD faced issues for which the guys were eager to tack on another $70 to replace, but at this time I was done with Lenovo. I declined the offer, and bought another laptop the very day.

Tl;dr Bought Lenovo's hyped up laptop, broke down before a year, 4 months of waiting on warranty, getting my time wasted and having to pay for repairs. Had to pay another $500 and still got a defunct laptop. Most of the issues are pertaining with how poorly my requests on warranty & repairs were handled, and the poor body design in general. Spent a total of $1900+ on the Y50 and it was entirely for nothing.

Ever since that day, I have never bought a single Lenovo product. What else to expect? The next year itself they rehashed the Y50 into the Legion series and are selling it, all while ignoring anyone who fell for their first scam, the Y50.

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