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Questions about my stock temps, fans, and tests before I undervolt. (y540, 28ww)

2019-10-07, 17:36 PM

Alright, let me first say -- I don't really know what I'm doing with all of this, this is my first time testing for thermals. Treat me like a noob, cause I am ;)

This is what I observed on my 

RTX 2060 
16GB Ram.
28ww BIOS

All tests done on Performance Mode

First thing I noticed is that the initial temp when running any test was high, and it took a little bit before the fans kicked in and cooled things down.

In none of the tests I ran did I see my clock cores reach maximum frequency. With AIDA64 They were around 2800Mhz, most other tests were around 3200Mhz. 

Specifics for each test below : 

Idle - temps upon startup were 30-35c, occassional and extremely brief spikes seen up to 76c. After being on for 15 minutes I see it averaging around 37c. After 30 minutes, I seen a jump to 50-60c on idle for a little bit, before going back down to 40c. After being on and having ran a bunch of tests. I see an average idle of about 45c

AIDA64 CPU - Cpu test running for 12 minutes was around 78-80c. Went back to around 40c on idle after. 

AIDA64 FPU - Temps quickly shot up to 95c and began throttling. After a little bit the fans kicked in to full force. At this point the temps dropped to around 83 degrees and stopped throttling. After this, I browsed the internet for a bit, and saw temps around 60-70c

AIDA64 Second Test - Temps again quickly shot up, this time to 96c and began throttling. Again after a little bit of time the fans kicked up and once again brought the temps to 83-85c. GPU temps were around 65c

AIDA64 FPU + Heaven - This test started and stayed 90c for a little bit, then dropped to 83-85 after the fans had been kicked on and been on for a few. As the test continued to run as expected the temps rose slowly to 90-91c (no throttling, but clocks running at 2892). After 15 minutes of testing I seen temps get to 94 and begin to throttle. GPU temps were around 78c.

AIDA64 FPU w/o AVX - Cores went up to 3800, Temps in low 90's. Didn't dare add Heaven ontop of this.

OCCT - CPU usage shows 100% but is around 3000-3400 on the cores.Temps around 77 degrees initially, after 6 minutes they were around 84 degrees.

OCCT Second Test - I wanted to let this one run longer, so I took another test. Temps in high 70's initially again. Starts to hit 80c around the 5 minute mark. Temps start going up to mid to high 80's. Fans kick up and it maintains these temps / brings them more to low / mid 80's. Varies from low to high 80's up until 10 minutes, but think i did see a very short jump to 94c (but unsure) 11 minutes in, I'm seeing more around low 80's and some dips to 78-79c. This continues up to 16 minutes. At around 17 minutes it's between 75-82c. 18 minutes in see's low to mid 70's. Goes back to mid-high 70's after this until 20 minutes At which point it shoots back to high 80's, again the fans kick up a little more and it drops to low to low 80's. Cores were close to 3500Mhz at the 25 minute mark. Mid to high 80's after 25 minutes. -- didn't observe it for awhile after this. Looking at it after an hour, it was at low to mid 70's. before jumping to mid low to high 80's with audible fan, just like before. I did see it hit 90c at the one hour mark before shooting back down to mid to high 80's

Real Bench - Initially shoots temperatures up to 95c. Once the fans kick in it drops to low to mid 80's Cores are around 3000-3200. 5 minutes in I was seeing mid to high 80's. 6-7 minutes in I was at high 80's, reaching 90c. 7-9 minutes in saw high 80's, and low 90's reaching 92c. 10 minutes in it was in the low 90's reaching 93c. 12 minutes it was in the low 90's reaching 94c. 13 minutes in it was hanging around 93-94c reaching 95c. After 25 minutes it was still around 94c

Prime95 Blend - Initially around 80c. After a few minutes the temperatures jump to around 90 degrees, fans get a little higher and this drops to mid 80's. I only ran this for 10 minutes but it remained in mid 80's the entire time.

Cinebench R20 - Started in the 90's -- fans took a few minutes to kick in, then dropped to mid 80's. Gave me a result of 2899 (not sure if that's good or not)

The other night I ran the Atomic Heart Ray Tracing Demo from Nvidia and seen the highest temp I had seen at 98c. But this was before I noticed the slow start up of the fans, so I am unsure if it was during that period or not. As far as these tests go, I'm not sure what to make of them. So I was hoping if anyone could shed some insight on what i've brought up today.

How are these temps for out of the box? 
Anything else I should do before I start to undervolt?
Is the slow startup of the fans normal?
Are the cores supposed to be at max during these tests?
What about the weird spikes in temp during idle w/o anything running?

I was expecting worse overall, I've seen worse on these forums anyways --Real bench, aida64 w/o avx, and aida 64 w/ Heaven seemed to produce the highest and most concerning numbers. The other ones seeming quite reasonable. But being without an undervolt, no cooling pad, sitting on my lap on a piece of cardboard. I'm optimistic about this machine. 

Of course that optimism could be misplaced. ;)

Thank you for your help!!

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