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Paper Tape
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Reduce CPU Power


I have Y530 with the 8750h & GTX1060.


As everyone knows this computer CPU heats like hell, however, when I remove the power plug, it still runs most of games and softwares with no problems but doesn't heats so much. Atention, my problem isn't the throtling (already using xtu).


I have already done this with no successfull results:

- Create a new windows power settings and reduce the max cpu performance limit.

- In the XTU reduce the power limits.


So my question is, is there any way to put the computer in a state similar to battery mode, while plugged?

Token Ring
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Re: Reduce CPU Power

Have you tried underclocking and/or undervolting?

Punch Card
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Re: Reduce CPU Power

You can achieve this by either using ThrottleStop and limiting your core clock speed (clock modulation & set multipler) or go into Windows and set maximum processor power to 99% -> this will disable Turbo Boosting, resulting in about 10°C less on your CPU.

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Community Moderator
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Re: Reduce CPU Power

With the Windows power profile, did you set the minimum and maximum speeds for the processor? I believe battery mode may also disable TurboBoost, but I could be completely wrong there.

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