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Token Ring
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Reducing fans noise on Lenovo Legion laptops


I understand that these laptops are primarily designed for high performance, and fans noise does not really matter. But sometimes a quieter operation is prefered, especially when performing simple tasks.

Running some basic tasks on my Y720, like web browsing or watching videos, fans speed is increasing and making more noise. I noticed that fans speed increases when CPU temperature reaches ~45 °C. The fans run at higher speed until CPU cools down to 35-34 °C.
The problem is that sometimes under a low load CPU stays at 36-38 °C and cannot reach that temperature threshold to lower fan speed. The laptop makes an audible, constant and distracting noise.

As far as I know, the fans on these laptops are controlled by EC (Embedded Controller). I want to find out what registers of EC needs to be modified in order to set custom temperature thresholds. Is it possible?

I think that activating the lowest fans speed mode at 40 °C (instead of default 35 °C) can make laptop much quieter without any harm.

I want to ask someone from official Lenovo support to forward question about possible solutions of this problem to the developers. Thank you.

Is someone else experiencing similar problem or looking for a way to make the laptop quieter?

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Re: Reducing fans noise on Lenovo Legion laptops

While I don't have particular problems with excessive noise on my Y700, I support your request that there should be a way to control the fans somehow. If Lenovo doesn't want to release their own utility for that, they should at least provide documentation to the community so that it can be written by someone else.




Token Ring
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Re: Reducing fans noise on Lenovo Legion laptops

Yes, lenovo should definitely add fan control. Maybe like in an improved nerve sense version.

Punch Card
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Re: Reducing fans noise on Lenovo Legion laptops

Lenovo should at least add some sort of quiet mode into Nerve Center. What bothers me is that the temperature threshold for the fans to start is so low that they're almost always running even if the computer is idle. They should at least raise the tempeturature threshold to 45 or 50 celcius.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Reducing fans noise on Lenovo Legion laptops

Same here, fans are constantly on, since the idle temps are around 38.
I looked for a way to solve this, but unfortunately found none.
If someone from Lenovo support reads this, i agree with the request, we need the option to control the fans, or at least increase the lower temperature limit to 40 °C.
Would be nice to control this via nerve sense, as well as min and max battery threshold when plugged in.
Best regards

Punch Card
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Re: Reducing fans noise on Lenovo Legion laptops

Unfortunately. I'm also facing this issue.


I was going to start a new thread with the subject e.g.: "Y720 fan always on or never stops" but I found this topic. This is not the only one here in the comunity, but this one has more than a year and I guess no solution yet. I bought my Y720 on November 14th, 2017 (six days before this post) and it was supposed to be fixed.


I contated the support via telephone and they informed me the fans stops only when you turn off the computer. We know that's not true. You guys in the comunity know more that the Lenovo technicians ¬¬'


My Y720 is all updated, even the BIOS.


Isn't there any hint to fix it?



PS.: My 2010 Core 2 Duo laptop turns off the fan when in idle and this one from 2017 doesn't!

Token Ring
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Re: Reducing fans noise on Lenovo Legion laptops

Fans on the Y720 turns off in the following cases:
1. laptop is off or in sleep mode;
2. fans can be off for a few minutes after resume from sleep;
3. CPU is cooled down to 26 degrees (very rare condition, depends on room temperature).

For many customers, a silent laptop is much more important feature than cooler (by a few degrees) keyboard surface.

Other manufacturers have silent laptops with similar specs. For example, Dell gaming laptops. I had Dell 7567 laptop a few days and can confirm that fans are turned off most of the time while web browsing or working with office apps.

Why Lenovo is not interested in adding a new feature to the BIOS?
It could be something like "Fan controller" in BIOS settings with at least two fan profiles (silent and normal).
This could attract more potential customers.

Punch Card
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Re: Reducing fans noise on Lenovo Legion laptops

UbW5, thank you for your help! Was very important to claify others and myself.


It's a shame what Lenovo did with the temperature management of this laptop.

It already has the aluminum case, very powerful fans, in other words, it dissipates the heat very well!

While other Lenovo's models turns off the fans since the CPU processing is low contributing for saving energy, Y720, on the other hand, with the fans always on, gets me angry with a constant noise and consumes more battery, which could last much longer while we are working with other activities but playing games, for example.

I contacted Mr. Sudipto Ghosh (Executive Director - Services, Lenovo India), who was very kind, but he could not help me once my computer was purchased in Brazil. He adviced me to contact the technical support in Brazil.


I contacted the brazilian support, but it s*cks. They did not give me an answer. What they know is read a PDF with FAQ and answer the question with a possible answer.


This is a disregard for the customer!!


Who else can be contacted to be aware of users' discontent and show that Lenovo cares about the costumer issues and complaints and seeks for costumer satisfaction???

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Re: Reducing fans noise on Lenovo Legion laptops

I think what can be done at this point is this point can be sent forward to the Lenovo team and hopefully future laptop iteration will have this feature.


I doubt that current models will get an official patch for this functionality.


As far as my opinion is concerned, I think the fans are good enough and not that loud. They can be quieter however. I can imagine sitting watching a movie with headphones and the fans revving while someone sleeps close by, it can be an annoyance.

Current System - Lenovo Y720
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Token Ring
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Re: Reducing fans noise on Lenovo Legion laptops

After recent BIOS upgrade (ver.: 4GCN31WW) I did not notice any difference in fans behavior on Y720.

For a better explanation of the problem I want to highlight several modes of fan speed:
speed 0 - fans are turned off;
speed 1 - fans are quiet (quieter than hdd);
speed 2 - fans are clearly audible;
speed 3 - fans are loud.

Below are default CPU temperature thresholds for switching through different fan modes:

speed 0 -> speed 1: ~33° C
speed 1 -> speed 2: 40° C
speed 2 -> speed 3: 65° C

speed 3 -> speed 2: 60° C
speed 2 -> speed 1: 35° C
speed 1 -> speed 0: ~26° C

When ambient temperature is >23° C, transition (speed 2 -> speed 1) never happens and fans noise is very disturbing.

Thresholds 35° C and 40° C may be higher at least by 5 degrees. This simple improvement can make the laptop more quiet.

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