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Fanfold Paper
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WIFI dopping when laptop moves

Hello , 

Ive been using my Lenovo Ideapad Y700 for a year now without any hiccups , and last week for no reason known to me , it started losing wifi whenever i put him in a diagonal position (lieing in bed puting laptop on my  legs )  it instantly stops loading any page on browser , and when i put it back in horizontal position it works normaly again and loads the pages or anything related to using interent, even tried puting it in upside down position  still works ...but any tilted position it loses WiFi. Also have to mention when it loses WiFi ...the signal still stays  5 out of 5 bars in the taskbar, it doesnt disapper no matter how long it is in tilted position...but it wont load anything untill its put back horizontaly.  So my question is since it hasnt been damaged in any way or havent suffered any hits or blows , is it possible that this phenomenon is  software error or something messed up with hardware?

Thanks in advance

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Re: WIFI dopping when laptop moves

If other functions work and only page stops loading then it sounds like something wrong with  the wifi card/wires.


You can only tell if you open the laptop and see if anything is loose. I dont think this is a software issue.

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Fanfold Paper
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Re: WIFI dopping when laptop moves

Actually tried to connect it on other network meanwhile...and it worked normaly in all positions. Guess its something between that particular network and laptop.

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