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Weird Hybrid mode behaviours

2019-10-16, 21:45 PM

Hi everyone,


I recently got a Y540-15IRH with I7 9750H and a RTX 2060

I noticed weird things with Hybrid mode. Perhaps you or official support could enlighten me about that : 


1. When Hybrid is OFF, fan speed during game or heavy/average loads is of the same noise level, regarding the mode (Quiet, Balanced or Perf). I haven't noticed any noise difference so far during games whether I set Quiet or Performance mode (which is a shame). So it's better to set it to Perf mode, for better graphics with same HUGE amount of noise... Is it a bug or am I missing something here?


2. When Hybrid is ON, however, the noise modes are working properly (at least, as properly as intended by their names). The Performance mode gives max Wattage to CPU and GPU (10W more up to 90W) but is noisy (thanks to the fans for cooling my laptop). The Quiet mode is indeed quiet, with trades on power and graphics of course. But when I'm playing a not-demanding game, it's really comfortable not to hear loud fans.


So why not always leaving Hybrid ON would you say? Here is where the wierdness starts (at least with my modest understanding) :


When Hybrid is ON, it turns out gaming on the laptop screen doesn't perform as well as when Hybrid is off (I guess this has to do with Optimus but I don't know what). But it performs well on an external screen. But a bit less when Hybrid is off. 

I mainly tested on 3D Mark Time Spy and Total War Warhammer II (Skaven benchmark) : 

  • On laptop screen, when Hybrid is on, I get 6 fps less than when Hybrid is off.
  • On external screen, when Hybrid is on, I get 2 fps more than when Hybrid is off.


So far, the only proper solution I've found is to always set it on ON (because I'm on an external screen most of the time). That way, I take advantage of slightly better performance (even if 2 fps aren't that important...) but most importantly : Proper fan control. When I switch to my laptop screen (when not at home), if I want to play, I have to think twice whereas I want performance or noise comfort. And thus, if I have to restart my computer or not.


Have you experienced these same behaviours? 

Am I doing something wrong or missing something?


If this weird fan control depending on Hybrid mode is an issue, I hope it will be fixed soon (adding manual fan control in the same time).


I'm on the last BIOS BHCN32WW


Thanks for having read me all the way and for the help you will provide me with :)


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Re: Weird Hybrid mode behaviours

2019-10-17, 15:38 PM

As I said (in another thread) I have not tried Hybrid mode, but seems bit strange if it affects on fan speed that much. Have you monitored your CPU temps while gaming? CPUID HWMonitor is a good little program to do that.


I read the hybrid mode instruction from Vantage and I thought that it is just a way to save battery if needed.


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Re: Weird Hybrid mode behaviours

2019-10-23, 13:48 PM

I have the Y730 and the fan behavior is truly bizarre and unpleasant. They keep turning on and off, and in my case, even worse, because they creak, both of them everytime they ramp up.

On these laptops, one of the things that's really missing is a fan curve editor. All other major players give you this option, Lenovo gives noise. If one thing gamers know, is numbers.

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