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Blue Screen Again
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Y520 heating up after few game play

Bought the laptop Y520 like a month or 2. Havnt use it much other than updating windows and install games. Played the game few times. So today i play watch dogs 2 on low texture and turn off a lot of other graphic settings. Limited the fps to 30. It heating up like 80 celcius after like 20 mins playing the game. So should I just return my laptop to them and get a new one? Since my warranty still valid. I was expecting this laptop can handle like ultra graphic since it have a good graphic card and CPU.


Also it my CPU heating up not the graphic card. So the CPU heat up even tho it use around only about 60% on each cores. And each core heat up to like 70-80 celcius really fast. Most of the game my laptop shutdown or go sleep auto when it reach to the percentage. I try to turn back on and have to wait for the screen to show up. The only thing i run while i play the game is the lenovo app for extreme cooling and afterburner to check the heating and framerate. So i can only assume something is wrong with the CPU thermal paste. GPU heat up to around 65 degree celcius. I dont think that a problem for the GPU. What worry me is the CPU right now.


The whole laptop still working and brand new cuz i dont use it much.

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Re: Y520 heating up after few game play

First of all, 80C is decent for a gaming laptop.


Second -


1) Are you playing on a desk or your couch / bed?

2) Is there sufficient air flow at the bottom of the laptop?

3) Are you playing connected to power adapter?


Let me know. Thanks.

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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Y520 heating up after few game play

I play on a desk and i dont think there is anything blocking the airflow from below. Usually the right side of the laptop heat up a lot. It near the power button. I also playing while connecting to the power adapter cuz it eat up my power a lot so im always on low battery.


Also i dont know if 80C is decent or not but it turn off my computer screen when it reach that hot. I have to turn off my laptop by holding down my power button to and turn back on again. It get really frustrating.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Y520 heating up after few game play

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