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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎09-12-2019
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Y530-15ICH-1060 GPU low FPS / Battery draining fast

Hi everybody! 


I bought Y530-15ICH-1060 month ago, and i'm facing two very big problems. 

1) Low fps in CS:GO, i'm not playing other games only CS:GO, and the fps on very low video settings are 100-140, some days it' s 150-180, if I connect tv to laptop then on TV there is 300+ fps. I have set in Nvidia control panel to use Nvidiga high performance GPU. 

Power settings are set for maximum, i'm out of ideas how to reach good FPS in this old game! I didn't buy gaming laptop to have 100 fps in cs:go Smiley Happy  I see that it can hit normal FPS, but now on laptop 144HZ monitor. Please advise how to achieve good GPU utilization.


2) Battery is pain in the a**, when you unplug from charger maximum battery life is 1h30min, Is that ok? just surfing web pages power settings balanced, one time it showed 2h30min, but still for just only surfing internet or whatching youtbe video it's not enough. 


Please see attached picture from HWMonitor, during my game today i hitted 1.063V only for some 2 minutes, all other time it was stable 0.750V, so it's almost not working. 

All drivers are up to date.

Please help me.

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