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Paper Tape
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Y530 fan noise

Hello there,


I've recently bought Y530 with 8300h & 1060 but I am surprised that fans are still turned on even during idle status.

Temps of cores are around 40-45.


I've also tried re-pasting but there isn't any significant difference.


Is there any way how to control fans? Tried changing system cooling policy in Power options but I didn't notice any differance.


At least I would welcome if fans wouldn't start so aggressively but rather increase rpms.



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Re: Y530 fan noise

it's a well known issue .. many people complain about this.
Lenovo said they are aware and working on it..
Hope to solve it soon...
Paper Tape
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Re: Y530 fan noise

Oh, great to hear that Lenovo is working on this. Hopefully this issue won't be forgotten, since I believe it is fairly easy to fix.


Thanks for the info!

What's DOS?
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Re: Y530 fan noise

Hello All, 


idon't know if you found any solution for your problem, i faced the same issue with my Lenovo Y530.

after just 3 days of using it, it was strange that the fans suddenly blast noise for like 2-3 min even if the room is cool. 

INFACT it was just me tapping Fn+A buttons in the same time, which "apparently launch the turbo FAN mode".

So you just need to tape it again or also you can do that by typping Ctrl+Shift+1

For me this is the best - not tooo gamy - looking Laptop so far. (of course comparing to  the price/quality rate it gaves.


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