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Y540 loose power socket

2020-11-10, 0:06 AM

Hi, I have a Legion Y540 laptop and now when I plug the power cable into the socket, the charging only occurs when cable is plugged in in certain angle. So, if I move my laptop which change the angle of the cable, the charging stops and then reconnects again.


I opened the laptop from the bottom and look at the power socket inside, I found that the black plastic part which cover the power socket is broken and one of the soldered connection is bent. I tried to move the bent connection back to normal a bit and superglue the broken plastic piece. Now, the charging is better, it allows me to move the laptop without breaking the charging, but still the cable has to be plugged in in a certain angle.


My warranty is about to expired in a month, I am afraid that what I did ( like superglue the broken plastic) will make the warranty invalid. 


If I really send my laptop back for repair, what should I do to protect my data and  my privacy? All my data and photo are stored in the HDD, and the SSD has the OS only. Can I remove the HDD and then send it back to repair?


I can see the power socket for my laptop is sold on ebay and Amazon, and I have some basic soldering skill. Do you think I am capable to replace the socket the fix it myself? Thank you


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Re:Y540 loose power socket

2020-11-13, 14:56 PM

I've had exactly same issue, I've contacted customer service and they are going to send me shipping labels to return for repair under warranty.  They did however tell me that if it was inspected there is a chance they would consider it customer induced damage (CID) and I would then have to pay for the repair. 


I did see you can buy the socket and cable fairly cheaply and it doesn't look like a difficult repair.  I think you could replace the whole thing without having to solder, but I was worried about opening the device up in case it invalidates the warranty.  I've still got about 5 months warranty left.


I'm thinking even if they did consider it CID, It might be worth having them do the repair to maintain the warranty, just in case anything else happens in the next six months. 


It all depends on how much the will charge - I've seen the socket and cable for £3.50 on ebay - so If they're going to charge silly money I might be forced to open it up and fix it myself!


Good luck 



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Re:Y540 loose power socket

2020-11-13, 21:11 PM

Thanks for your reply.


I think if you just open it up would not void the warranty as you can add memory or change the hdd yourself. You can open it up to see the condition first before you send it back to repair.


The attached photo shows the condition of the port of my laptop. The pin is bent and the plastic piece is broken. I superglue it and make the bent pin return to normal a bit. It did make the charging more stable. I think what I did has void the warranty. And I could imagine even if I don't touch anything, Lenovo would call it physical damage and would not repair it under warranty. 


I have never dropped my laptop and never tripped the cord. I just plug and unplug the cord everyday. And now the charging port is kind of deform. I think it is more like a design flaw. You can see Lenovo staff never reply my thread as they try to ignore the whole situation. There is another thread that at least 6 people has the same issue and lenovo never replied them neither.


Although I fixed it a bit with superglue, the charging issue still got worse about a week later. It kind of annoyed me as I usually put the laptop on my lap while I am sitting on the couch. Any slight movement of my body would make the charging stop and reconnect again. This would make the laptop go to battery mode for a while and lower the performance.


Yesterday, I just replace the port on my own and decide to ditch the warranty. I ordered 2 charging ports for Y530 from amazon ( 2 just in case I mess up). Y530 charging ports is identical to Y540's. When I took the old port off from the motherboard, I could see that the plastic piece on it has become so fragile, it broke like potato chip when I press it with a little pressure. The whole replacement process took me 1.5hr including repaste the cpu and gpu. Now, the port is as good as new and the problem is fixed for good. 


I was like you thinking about sending the laptop back to repair it under warranty. I am about to buy the extended warranty. But the lenovo staff here disappointed me as they ignored all the thread about loose power socket on this forum. There are at least 2 threads about this issue recently and they ignored them all deliberately. 




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Re:Y540 loose power socket

2021-01-25, 18:14 PM

Hi there!

We had exactly the same issue with a y540 17irh bought in May 2019. The charging port started acting up in the spring of 2020 before completely stopping to charge in June 2020. Contacted Lenovo support and they replaced it under the warrantee.

We got the repaired laptop back fairly quickly in July. All went fine and we were happy with the service until the device started acting up again, in the same way - charged only at certain angles, then completely stopped charging in October, just 3 months after the repairs.

We contacted support again, they told us to send it over, which we did. Interestingly, the person we had on the phone gave us the advice to take pictures of the laptop before sending it over - just in case... And now...

aha... they say that the laptop has been improperly used, has visible damages, and cannot be covered under the warrantee. They sent us an EUR800 invoice for the repairs... we're in the middle of it now still trying to get the laptop repaired under the warrantee (we took the 5 year extended warrantee option). 

It seems that we are not the only ones to have experienced issues with faulty Lenovo charging ports... what does it say about the quality and/or design of these? 


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Re:Y540 loose power socket

2021-08-06, 19:32 PM

This is happening because of a design flaw in charging port by lenovo. Even I faced the same issue.




See the above link for repair. This really worked for me. Definitely Lenovo will say that it's not their fault but we all know what the truth is. Try the above steps you can fix the problem with even changing the charging port. (Note :- This will work only if you have a loose connection. It will not work if your port itself is damaged.) 

Please reply if it worked for you so that many people will know about this when they see this thread. Thank you.


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Re:Y540 loose power socket

2021-08-06, 20:00 PM

What i can see, so is the soldering very bad.

Lenovo Legion 5 Pro [3070] 82JQ0079MX Bios: GKCN46WW

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Re:Y540 loose power socket

2021-09-08, 20:41 PM

Is there any permanent solution to this 1200$ laptop?

it clearly is a design defect which the company is ignoring. I won't recommend this laptop at all or any Lenovo because of their bad customer service.

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