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Paper Tape
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Y700-15ISK Laptop (IdeaPad) sound echo

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I have a problem with sound -  hearing echo, which is caused by internal subwoofer. Disabling all sound effects (Control Panel > Sound > Playback, Speakers, Properties > Enhancements) solves the problem, but I also get lower sound quality (subwoofer gets disabled, lower volume, etc). Is there any way to solve it?


I am using Windows 7 64bit with latest driver from Lenovo website.

Sound quality was perfect when I was using Windows 10, but I just dont like them so Im sticking with 7.



Using Windows 10 64bit audio driver fixed the problem.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Y700-15ISK Laptop (IdeaPad) sound echo

Great find ! Got the Y700-17ISK with Windows 7 installed and i had the exact same problem.


After trying several driver versions without solving the issue, i found this post!


Thank you!

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Y700-15ISK Laptop (IdeaPad) sound echo

I am too facing the same issue. Switched from Windows 10 to Windows 7: can hear echo when playing music
Punch Card
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Re: Y700-15ISK Laptop (IdeaPad) sound echo

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Thank you for posting this! I was going nuts. It sounds horrible on This doesn't completely fix the issue I can still hear what sounds like echo/distortion. Did you echo go completely away?

To make most of the sound echo go away I had to check the disable sound effects.

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