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Paper Tape
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Y700-15ISK Laptop (IdeaPad) sound echo


I have a problem with sound -  hearing echo, which is caused by internal subwoofer. Disabling all sound effects (Control Panel > Sound > Playback, Speakers, Properties > Enhancements) solves the problem, but I also get lower sound quality (subwoofer gets disabled, lower volume, etc). Is there any way to solve it?


I am using Windows 7 64bit with latest driver from Lenovo website.

Sound quality was perfect when I was using Windows 10, but I just dont like them so Im sticking with 7.



Using Windows 10 64bit audio driver fixed the problem.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Y700-15ISK Laptop (IdeaPad) sound echo

Great find ! Got the Y700-17ISK with Windows 7 installed and i had the exact same problem.


After trying several driver versions without solving the issue, i found this post!


Thank you!

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Re: Y700-15ISK Laptop (IdeaPad) sound echo

I am too facing the same issue. Switched from Windows 10 to Windows 7: can hear echo when playing music
Punch Card
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Re: Y700-15ISK Laptop (IdeaPad) sound echo

Thank you for posting this! I was going nuts. It sounds horrible on This doesn't completely fix the issue I can still hear what sounds like echo/distortion. Did you echo go completely away?

To make most of the sound echo go away I had to check the disable sound effects.

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Re: Y700-15ISK Laptop (IdeaPad) sound echo

Hi everyone,


I am having the same issue. Installing the Windows 10 64-bit sound driver did not fix the issue for me, it may have become better to some extent, but it is still echoing and the music is unenjoyable with the subwoofer on.


I have tried the generic driver on Realtek's homepage, same issue.


Installing any of these drivers introduces a high pass filter to the main stereo speakers making sound poor, so I ended up uninstalling all drivers and using the subwooferless Microsoft driver, which does not use high pass filtering. Still would like to use the subwoofer.


Could Lenovo fix this please?

That is,

- no echo

- no high pass filter on the stereo speakers




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