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Paper Tape
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Y700-15ISK Partitions



I recently installed a second hard drive on my y700. Originally had a mechanical disk and now bought an extra SSD. I discovered that cloning windows from the original hard drive was the best solution.


Now I wonder if I can modify the partition on the original drive. I hear that one should not touch those partitions because I coan lose access to the Lenovo recovery system. However, would it still be possible to resize and maybe create a new partition in the space I used to have windows on, that is the biggest partition.





Bit Torrent
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Re: Y700-15ISK Partitions

There are some that claim yes but I'd say no.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Y700-15ISK Partitions

Even Windows (Disk Management) has the abiiity to shrink a partition but, depending on the size of the SSD, it may not be able to shrink the OS partition to the extent needed.  I had this problem trying to clone the 1TB HDD to a 128gb SSD.  The only tool that worked for me was Partition Wizard by MiniTool, and the free version at that.  It also has cloning capability.  You can download the free version on Amazon.  I liked the software so much, I ordered the Pro version even though it is something I might use only once or twice a year.


The partition management software should not allow you to delete any data.  It just shrinks the partition size while relocating the data on the drive.  Try just shrinking the OS partition first.  I don't think you will have to touch the other partitions.  That way you can perform a complete clone of all the original partitions.

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