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What's DOS?
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Y700 ISK drains battery, then shuts off.



Im the almost happy owner of and Y700-17ISK, but Im having issues with the battery.


If im watching a movie, or playing a game, meaning the laptop is on for ~2h or so with heavy usage, charger is plugged in. At some point it will shutdown unexpected, I can then power it right back up and now it will run on the AC adaptor. It does remember where i was in the game or movie, so its not a complete shutdown.


This time however, Im sitting at a battery on 0% power, and it says not charging. Uninstalling the battery drivers from hardware management, have not helped.


So im stuck with 2 problems:


- Laptop drains battery to 0%, then shuts off -> turn it on, and it runs on battery.

- My battery is now at 0% and wont charge.


What do I do?

What's DOS?
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎09-17-2016
Location: DK
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Re: Y700 ISK drains battery, then shuts off.

Just a follow up.


I tried using the AC adaptor of my friends laptop Lenovo Y70 Touch.

It now goes straight to charging no issues. My laptops AC adapator however wont work on his Y70, it doesnt even recognize it as plugged in.


This got me wondering....

I bought a demo laptop from the store showroom, at a great price though! Smiley Happy

But it came without the box, only laptop + charger.


It came with a 3.25A adaptor, his Y70 came with a 6.75A adaptor.

Im sitting here thinking, how can you run an i7 + 960M and charge a battery on ~65W ?


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