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Paper Tape
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Y700-ISK15 battery usage best practices

Hi there,


I've did some reading on maintanance battery life but still some questions are unasweared.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Since battery in y700 is unremovable I have following issues:


1. Ho long should the battery be plugged into the charger?

2. Should the charger be unplugged when reaching 95%?

3. When playing  a game should the charger be plugged in?

4. When to start charging the battery - at what %?

5. Can I do small actions on laptop when charging? - music etc

6. Is it good to fully clean the battery to 0% once each month?

7. Will setting battery usage to "Power Saver" in Windows 10 do any help?



Many thanks for help. I just bought new laptop and would like to retain battery life as long as possible.


Token Ring
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Re: Y700-ISK15 battery usage best practices

Hi there


There is program called energy manager which will charge the battery to only 55-60% & remaining 40 is untouched its named like conservation mode... It is also present in lenovo settings or lenovo companion... Atleast i have them in my laptop y50 dont know about y700 someone could help you.... But as for preserving the life of battery its basically the temparature that kills the battery so avoid using stenuous programs or games which in turn will make the lappy hotter and then battery.... And even in battery mode using the battery in full potential can cause the battery to reduce its life... So use the lappy very lite in battery mode.... Smiley Happy




Dont forget to click KUDOS button(right down this sentence)if i have helped you....Ask any questions or Doubts,iam always ready to help.... Smiley Happy
Paper Tape
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Re: Y700-ISK15 battery usage best practices

I know that some practices that it is good to remove the battery when working on a charger.

Y700 battery is inside - can' be removed normal way, i would need to open it.


Aren't producers using this new technology that evokes disconnect action on a battery when charged to 95+% so the laptop at that point starts to work only on charger and retains battery untouched?



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