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I have y700 15ISK 80NW laptop which has Nvidia 960m and Intel HD graphics 530. My problem is I cannot run some games such as Fifa 16 Rocket League.  I get errors. I guess it is happening because my laptop is trying to run games with Intel graphics card. Sometimes restarting laptop or disabling and enabling nvidia card from device manager can solve the problem. But after some hours or the next day I am having the same issue again. I tried 

-Installing latest drivers from Lenovo's website.

-Installing latest drivers from Nvidia's and Intel's websites.

-Re-installed games and formatted/clean installed windows 10.

 Nothing has worked. 



When I first bought this laptop Windows 10 home was installed then I clean installed original Windows 10 Enterprise. Can this cause problem? Do I need to try installing Win10 home?


One last thing, I wonder am I the only one having issues with graphics card on this laptop? Smiley Indifferent


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That should not make a difference which build you use as its not a server version. However, being clean install you will have to be certain you have installed all the manatory driver and software Lenovo requires for it to run and manage the power properly. The Optimus Nvidia driver package would have a control center which is aware of games and turns it on automatically. If not then you manually configure it for specific applications. EG. You can have it run on the 960 with Chrome for example if you specify that.

There are thread about controlling this if you search and maybe on Nvidia's website. Otherwise you may have to contact Lenovo Tech support for help if its new and in warranty. Controlling and changing the BIOS is a no no and you are asking for trouble.
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