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Y700 PSA - Sleep turns it into a BRICK - No Display, Black Screen of Death

2016-02-15, 14:55 PM

I fell in love with my new computer... taking about 8 hours to get everything setup.


We were so good together. Then I made the terrible blunder of putting it to sleep.


No chance of ever waking. 


I studied electrical engineering for 4 years and computer science for 1. I've never had a computer "problem".


I make my living on my computer and this has been one of the worst things to happen to me. I've already lost hundreds of dollars not including the grand for the lappy.


I've seen what appears to be hundreds of others posting on this forum with the same issue and the only response I've seen from Lenovo was to correct some guys grammer and tell him not to curse. Hahahahaha!


I've bought only Lenovo's for years now including 3 for different clients.


Lenovo if you know about this why not tell people who buy not to out to sleep until you fix it?


Putting your computer to sleep and turning it into a brick should never be an option.... but if it is tell your amazing customers not to put their computers to sleep!!!!!



Solved! See the solution

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Re: Y700 PSA - Sleep turns it into a BRICK - No Display, Black Screen of Death

2016-02-15, 19:44 PM

Thier is a fix coming in BIOS V30 that is due mid Feburary for the failure to wake up from sleep/hibernate.


A long press of the power button always resolved the issue for me and allowed the laptop to restart. disable sleep and hibernate till the fix is in, but as you studdied computer science and make a living on computers you would have already done that right.


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Re: Y700 PSA - Sleep turns it into a BRICK - No Display, Black Screen of Death

2016-04-12, 14:33 PM

In response to customer reports that Y700-15ISK, Y700-15ISK Touch, and Y700-17ISK laptops do not wake from sleep mode, may unexpectedly reboot, or may show a Yellow Bang, Lenovo has provided a Service TIP.


The Service TIP is available here: https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/documents/SF16-I0012


Thank you,


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