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Blue Screen Again
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Y700 Performance drop with battery

My laptop (Y700), 2nd set actually is having a performance problem while using battery. When the battery percentage drops below 30%, the frequency of the CPU drops to only around 0.75-0.78 GHz. With High performance set, it still doesnt speed up. Is anyone having the same issue or I'm the only one?

and what are the problems that Y700 users are facing at the moment? Maybe I can solve it too 

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Y700 Performance drop with battery

Good day.
Faced with a strange CPU behavior.
When the laptop work's from the battery and remains below 30% cpu starts to work on 800Mhz.In Intel XTU I see a 100% throttle. Changing the power plans doesn't help.
Any thoughts?


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What's DOS?
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Re: Y700 Performance drop with battery

I have not exact the same problem, but I think your battery is swtitching in the power saving mode...

I have the problem when my Laptop is using the battery the performence drops imidiately, for example CS:GO:

-Charging= steady 60-120 fps'
-No Charging= Steady 20 fps, but im mean it have no fps drops more

At other Games like AC:3, can i play without charging, but when i charge its 2 times better then before, so maybee you guys can help me, Thanks...

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Y700 Performance drop with battery

Hi, @erictan96


I have the same issue. Currently, I am using my Y700 with 21% of battery power left and even typing here becomes a "struggle". It's the exact same issue, when the battery percentage drops bellow 30%, the CPU drops to exact frequency (0.75-0.78 GHz). I don't know if it's a manufactoring thing made to save the battery power more effiecently, but personally I don't find it useful at all.


Edit 27.12.2016.:

By the way, have you solved the problem since posting here?


Thank you!


Best regards,


Fanfold Paper
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Re: Y700 Performance drop with battery

I have the same problem. Can someone help with this?

I noticed that if I ENABLE or DISABLE Intel Virtualization from BIOS, the CPU resumes normal operation, but just that one instance. After the next laptop restart, the problem is back again.

Laptop is Y700 ISK

Serial number *********

Product 80RU

Windows 8.1 up to date.


To avoid silly questions:

- it happens no matter what powerplan is selected or what I modified inside powerplans.

- it does it exactly when the battery reaches 30% battery level.

- I don't care it has 6700HQ or that I should keep it plugged in, I want it to function correctly.


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Re: Y700 Performance drop with battery

I have the same problem on a Y700 from 2016. There is a huge topic from 2012 on another model where they have solved it with a BIOS update. I don't understand why this problem is still present. enabling VT solves it until the next restart. All drivers from lenovo, all apps from lenovo, window 8.1 up to date. Laptop becomes useless after 30% battery. All I hear is "but this is a high performance blah should be kept plugged in. How about no!


Please solve this problem.

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Re: Y700 Performance drop with battery

All, please confirm that I understand this correctly;


When using the system on battery and running a CPU intensive application everything works as you feel it should, meets your expectations. But, when the battery charge level reduces to below 30% there is a noticeable reduction in the system's performance, throttling occurs, which you consider an undesirable event.


Also, out of interest, because this is quite a powerful system how much run time is indicated on the battery meter in the task bar when this occurs? Without having tested, and dependent on the running application, I'm thinking maybe 15-20 minutes would be in the ball park?


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Re: Y700 Performance drop with battery


First of all, there is a huge topic regardin the Yoga with the same problem, it was solved with a BIOS Update.


The situation is like this: once the battery reaches 30% level, no matter what power plan you have set (SAver, Balanced, HighPerformance), the CPU is locked to 0.75-0.8GHz. You cannot wake it up from that state, even if you run benchmarck, change powerplan settings etc.

If you plug it in, it comes to life.


Run time from 30% would be at least an hour since the CPU does not go above 0.8GHz.


Temporary fix: you enter BIOS and either enable or disable Virtualization Technology, that one time you restart the PC, it behaves normaly, under 30% battery level (even on POWERSAVER), once you run a benchmark, it will throttle the CPU according to your needs. After another restart it becomes its old bad self.


I have another Skylake laptop from another manufacturer with i5 which performs magistrally on Pwersaver, it jumps to frequency just enough to keep the laptop snappy but low enough to make the battery last 5-6hours. 

I know how this should work and on my Y600 it does not work correctly.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Y700 Performance drop with battery

Come on, Lenovo, you solved it for the Z510.

Do a fix for Y700.

This laptop is unusable under 30% battery, waste of good specs.

Paper Tape
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Re: Y700 Performance drop with battery

Okay. It's not my first laptop from Lenovo but the last one for sure. It's unusable below 30% of battery. 

As always it's a BIOS problem if it comes to support of fan speed, non responsive keyboard, battery charging problems, NVMe support, throttle. It's  just riddiculous it haven't been fixed yet. It's been year and a half since the problem was reported. I'm wondering how many problems the new Legion series has especially due to BIOS. Experience once again shows me that every other brand is better than this piece of... Lenovo's product.

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