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Y700 Touch 15ISK - Dolby Audio keeps switching to "Voice" preset

I have noticed that the Dolby Audio application keeps switching back to the "Voice" preset regardless of what I do or how many times I try to change it. I have opened up the Dolby Audio app itself and changed to a different preset as well as using the Lenovo Settings app to set the "Dynamic" preset as my default, but after some time I find that the settings will always get reverted back to "Voice" again.


In addition to these steps I have also tried updating my audio drivers to the most recent version, but this actually caused the Dolyb Audio app to be completely removed from my machine only to be brought back by first performing a System Restore and then performing a "Repair" operation from the "Uninstall or Change A Program" screen.

I finally located the original Dolby Audio X2 Windows API SDK and Dolby Audio X2 Windows APP installation media (located at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Realtek\Audio\DAX2", not contained in the "LENOVO" hard drive partition which contains all other system drivers) and was able to update my driver and re-install the Dolby software to get it operational again, but the problem of switching profiles persists.


How do I prevent this profile switching, or is it possible to configure the Dolby Audio application to select a profile based on the application that is running? I find having to manually switch my sound profile back to the "Dynamic" preset a pain.

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Re: Y700 Touch 15ISK - Dolby Audio keeps switching to "Voice" preset

and yes, i found the solution after 2 hours battling!!!!!!


follow these steps in the IMAGE FILE!!!! (my windows is in portuguese but u can follow)

1  sounds

2 properties

3 advanced

4 UNCHECK THE SECOND, ONLY THE SECOND (already tested with every variable and only works with that)




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Re: Y700 Touch 15ISK - Dolby Audio keeps switching to "Voice" preset

I was still having this problem after trying your fix (ThinkPad e570), every time I focused on Spotify, my Dolby settings would always change back to Music, despite trying mutliple times to set it to a custom EQ.


I found that in the Lenovo Settings application, under "Smart Settings" uncheck "Configure Dolby audio settings to the appropriate mode for different apps you are using". There's nothing smart about that setting... see image for reference.

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Re: Y700 Touch 15ISK - Dolby Audio keeps switching to "Voice" preset

You can use the Lenovo Vantage app, and go th audio/visual. Then, you should scroll down to dolby settings. You should click one of the options, and then disable application-based settings. hope this helps Smiley Happy

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