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Y720-15IKB Odd Random Freezing Problem - Requires Reset or Power State Change

Hi all,


I purchased my Y720 (80VR00HYUS) back last October and have been plagued by a frustrating problem for quite some time, and it SEEMS to be getting worse as time goes on. I apologize in advance for the long-ish post, but there's a decent amount to say here.


Basically what happens is, the system will randomly lock up while doing anything from just surfing the internet, to editing photos/video, to gaming. It doesn't really matter what I'm doing with the system, the entire thing will hard-lock. Strangely, if I were listening to music or something, audio usually continues. If it happens while web browsing, it seems like it happens when I click on a different tab. If I'm editing video, it does it much more frequently, every few minutes or so - but also sometimes multiple times per minute. It's very frustrating. You may wonder how it occurs multiple times per minute, but I did find a strange temporary fix. When it locks up, I used to have to hard reset the system by holding the power button as the system wouldn't respond to any input what-so-ever. However, I discovered that if I am on battery power and plug the computer into the AC adapter it seemingly fixes the problem; and if I'm already on AC power when it happens, I just quickly unplug the power cable from the side of the computer and plug it back in. That quick 1 second power-state change is enough to un-freeze the computer. That's what makes this problem so odd. Not only does it happen completely randomly, but changing the power state seems to un-freeze it just as quickly as it froze. Every once in a while, the system freezes to a blue-screen - though much less common. It's very frustrating, as I use the system for work and many times I need to be on battery power and can't always rescue the system by plugging it in... Other times, I'm editing photos or video for work and the system freezes up on me constantly making getting anything done a major chore. Yes - all bios, firmware, and drivers are up to date. Drivers and such never seem to effect this problem. I have also disabled just about all "power saving" features in hopes it was related to that, with no luck.


I had contacted Lenovo recently regarding this problem and right off the bat, the customer service agent recommended sending the computer in for repair / replacement... However, I decided to ask about my data and such and whether I'd receive back the same system or a refurbished unit, etc, and this is where things got iffy. The problem is, I had upgraded my SSD a while back as I required more space than the stock 256GB, so I installed a 512GB (I was also hoping that the problem was the original SSD by some chance). My data is on the 512 now so if I did send it in with the 256, it would be empty and I'm without any easy way to migrate stuff over for NVMe drives. Besides, I'd rather NOT send in my SSD full of my personal information and such if I can't be assured to receive back MY devices. I'd have to install Windows onto the 256 just for the sake of sending it in, but knowing the process that they do stuff anyway, they want to be able to re-create the problem. Well, unless they plan on using the PC for a while, chances are they won't run into it after a fresh start.


I found that the problem mostly occurs after the system had been awoken from sleep, especially multiple sleep/wake cycles. Rarely does the probem rear its ugly head after a fresh restart or fresh boot; however if I put the computer to sleep shortly after a fresh start/reboot, then woke it, the chances of it occuring are much higher. It still will happen after a fresh start/reboot, but it's much less common.


Ultimately, I'm looking for a solution to this as it's very frustrating and making me not want to buy another Lenovo. I've been using their laptops for years (most previously a Y510p, which was a great system over-all, and multiple ThinkPads). I've also recommended them on multiple occassions to friends/colleagues. I'd love if there were a solution I could do myself, but I've tried just about everything I could, short of any major repairs - which I'd rather make use of the warranty for since it's still within it (I'm a PC technician as a side job). Personally - I feel like the problem is motherboard related - something potentially with the power delivery of the board or something, especially considering the Lenovo rep seemed to recommend sending it for repair upon describing the problem. Makes me think they've heard this one enough times for it throw up a red-flag. I'm not opposed to sending it in for repair, but I also don't want to lose my 512 SSD or refuse the repair because of the upgraded part. That's what the rep was giving me a hard time about - they said that upgrading the SSD would void the warranty. I explained that the SSD is irrelevent to this particular problem and that any modifications (such as an upgraded SSD) must be proven to be a contributing factor to the fault at hand in order to deny a warranty claim. They did admit that this is true, but was saying that if I send it in with my SSD that I would be CHARGED for the repair - but wouldn't give me any idea as to how much it would cost. I'd have to send it in and then they'd tell me - nope. I'm fully capable of doing a motherboard swap on my own and know it would be less money than they'd charge me. Regardless - this should be a warranty claim and no SSD upgrade should effect that. I can send it in with the original 256 - but I need to somehow put an OS back onto it and I highly doubt they'll recreate the problem by just clicking around for a few minutes on a fresh install (the system needs to be regularly used, and the more you use it and load up it, the more it occurs).


Sorry for the long-winded post, but I'm frustrated about this thing. I'm still considering sending it in - but I absolutely DO NOT want to be charged for any repair on this thing. I'd rather buy a different laptop and sell this system, but I wouldn't sell it in its current state because I wouldn't want to sell someone a faulty computer. 


Thanks for any suggestions regarding this. I should also have the chat transcript with the Lenovo agent, if anyone cares to see. 

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Re: Y720-15IKB Odd Random Freezing Problem - Requires Reset or Power State Change

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