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Y720. Can't boot usb stick in UEFI to install Win10 in UEFI mode

Hello, I have a Y720 tha comes with a 1x 128 GB M2 SSD and x1 HDD, in UEFI mode. I'm currently trying to replace the M2 SSD with a newly bougth Samsung 960 EVO M2 where I would like to install Windows 10 also in UEFI mode, as it has better power management than Legacy.


But I have tried booting the Windows 10 installer USB stick and the laptop does not recognize in bios. I have created the usb stick with RUFUS 2.18 (latest), choosing UEFI + GPT and Fat32 file format.


Before that I also tried restoring a system backup image I created from the former M2 using AOMEI Backupper but I couldn't boot the USB utility to do so either (the same happened: Bios does not recognise it, despite creating it choosing UEFI mode)


Things I have tried:


1. Disabling secure boot (although the Secure Boot Status staed "Enabled", so I used the "REset Secure Boot mode" option too...)

2. Chaging Optimal OS Setting to disabled in seetings, but still no use

3. Using the Novo Button on the right part of the laptop.


Of course, changing boot mode to Legacy would allow me to install Windows from USB ....but in Legacy mode, which I'm trying to avo


So there a way to boot a UEFI usb stick to install Windows in UEFI mode from it?




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Re: Y720. Can't boot usb stick in UEFI to install Win10 in UEFI mode

I know this is late, but I have a Y700 that I am struggling with for similar reasons. EFI Win10, trying to use System Image recovery which requires I use UEFI boot to match the OS, but the Windows Recovery USB is only detectable in Legacy boot mode.

The way I see it is you have 2 options:
-  install Legacy mode, then convert from MBR to GPT. Win10 has a tool for doing that
- try something I have yet to try. Move the Windows media to your internal HDD and boot from there

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