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Blue Screen Again
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Y720 Game recording

I have a Y720 just purchased a few months ago. I keep hitting a key combo that starts recording screen, guessing for game play. Can someone please tell me how to disable this, or how to stop the recording once its on?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Y720 Game recording

default shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+9

you can change it in the Nerve Sense software options ..

but I wonder how can you hit these 3 keys together by mistake !! is it possible that you are hitting the nVIDIA in-game overlay shortcut ? go to GeForce Experience settings/general and turn IN-GAME OVERLAY off or change the shortcut
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Re: Y720 Game recording

Do you have Nvidia software installed because if you do when you initially launch a game you will see NVIDA telling you that you can start recording by pressing Ctrl + Z.

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Re: Y720 Game recording

There are several softwares that can start this recording screen -


1) Lenovo Nerve Sense

2) NVIDIA Geforce Experience

3) Microsoft Xbox Service


You will have to check all these softwares and either remove/change/disable the key combination.


If you can post a screenshot of the message, then maybe we can identify which program is popping up to record gameplay.

Thank you.

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