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What's DOS?
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Y720 NVMe Issue

Hi everyone. Hoping someone can help me with this issue... I just got my Y720 and it's been great so far, no problems. I got the version with only the HDD and just got myself an NVMe SSD ( to upgrade. Installation, etc. was all fine but I run into an issue when I go into Disk Management to initialize the disk, and get a "Data error (cyclic redundancy check)." I've tried looking around for different solutions but can't seem to figure this out. I'm not sure if this is an issue with the laptop or with the SSD. I got the SSD from the US (I'm in Canada) and so it would be a hassle for me to send this back. I would really appreciate anyone's input on this. Thank you!
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Re: Y720 NVMe Issue

Reading some more about this error, seems like it is something wrong with the SSD.


I can read the same response on most websites that the person used diskpart using PartedMagic in boot to revive the drive.

You could try Method 2 in this page -


If those don't work, then you may have to return the SSD. Thanks.

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What's DOS?
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Re: Y720 NVMe Issue

Thanks for the suggestion. No luck for me...I will have to return the SSD it looks like. Hopefully I'll have more luck.

Thanks again!

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