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Blue Screen Again
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Y740 Runnint extremely hot

According to MSI Afterburner my cpu temperature is averaging at around 85c in game, this is with an undervault and 'speedshift' enabled in throttlestop. Prior to this, it rarely went below 90c in game. I'm just wondering if this is normal or not or a indicator of a defective unit, obviously having just paid an extremely large amount for something I'd like it to last a few years. I have the I7-9750 + RTX 2060 model.

Many thanks. 

Token Ring
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Re: Y740 Runnint extremely hot

I have a Y540 Model (I7 9750H+GTX1660ti) and after undervolting and limiting the cpu frequency to 3GHz I usually average around the mid 70s, so I would suggest an underclock for the time being until lenovo decides to introduce the max fans functionality, I'd also suggest a GPU undervolt.

Punch Card
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Re: Y740 Runnint extremely hot

If you want to compare temperatures you should share undervolt / clocksettings (and perhaps BIOS version) and do the exact same test on both machines. There are test designed to run the cpu on max, like AIDA64. I get mid 70C in some games and mid 80C in others.

An easy trick to lower your temp by a few degrees is to lift the back of your laptop and put something small underneath it to improve the airflow.

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