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Y910-17ISK Only 1 Fan working

Hello guys,


Yesterday i bought a brand new Ideapad Y910-17ISK with GTX1070 8GB. There are two things that worries me. The first one is that only one fan working even the pc is loaded with heavy graphics. Actually i can see in nerve center information for the fans and fan2 work with 3000rpm but fan1 is freeze on 0rpm. I can't feel any air flow  from the right side which is fan1. Is this the right way to be ? The temperature was above 90C. and still only one of the fans works. The second thing is that i run Heaven benchmark 4.0 and the last screen with the info i saw that detect my videocard with 4GB but should be 8GB ! Please advice me if someone knows about similar issues. Thank you guys. BR.

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Re: Y910-17ISK Only 1 Fan working

hello @MG-BG 

did you call Lenovo Support ? if you have a new warranty, then go ahead and call them


as long as it's a new machine, it may be a defected fan, OR !! it may be stuck only ! and needs a little push/spin by your finger and it will spin again perfectly ! yes yes this happens to any spinning mechanism/motors that has no torque power but high RPMs, sometimes a single hair can make the fan stuck

if you want to check it by yourself before calling the warranty support, AND !! if you can remove the back cover easily without any fears of damaging the laptop (you won't) then go ahead, disassemble the cover and spin the fan by your finger and check if its power cable is well connected .. this is easy to do and I can help you doing it if you want, and I will search for a disassembly video on youtube that may help you better

if doing this didn't help, then it may be defected and needs to be replaced

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