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high GPU usage Low FPS Legion Y530

First of all sorry for my english its not my native lenguage.


i onw a Y530-15ICH with i7-8750H and GTX 1050 TI  tha laptop has been working really good for the couple of months that has passed since i bought it , but recently i saw my self in the need of replace the 135W charger that comes with the laptop because an overload in my house messed it , i bought a brand new 135W charger and the perfomance of my GPU has drop extremely  i used to play games like resident evil bio hazard or the new devil may cry 5 with stable 60 FPS  but since i change my charger the frames dropped to much, i cant even play games like gwen (the witcher card game) because the fps be dropping constantly  and the GPU usage is arround 90 to 100 % , i have tried reinstalling the drivers , installing older versions , also i cleaned up my laptop for any viruses that may be afecting my GPU but nothing so far has worked for me , the frames did get a little bit better but the problem stills . i have all my bios drivers up to date too.


There is a very strange behavior in the perfomance of the GPU when the fans are at 100% , when i put them in 100% the prefomance i the same like it used to be, stable frames , no droppings and i know its not beacuse of thermal throttling because this happen even if i just started gaming so the temps with and without the 100% fan are just the same .


please if any of you have had a similar problem i will apreciate if  you can help me with this. 

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