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lenovo ideapad y700 bought of someone on craigslist

i bought this ideapad y700 off of someone from craigslist, but the laptop came with ubuntu on it, i tried to use all the ways i know how to restore a pc back to factory reset, i format the SSD with a clean serial key, but for what i have seen, lenovo has more software, i tried the onekey but nothing the partition was deleted, i would like to know if someone knows how to get back all the original software for it? also, if i bought this laptop off someone in craigslist will there be any trouble? of any kind?

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Re: lenovo ideapad y700 bought of someone on craigslist

You would need to Order the reinstall DVD for the default OS from Lenovo. If you're planning on Win 10 then ask for that set of media. Only this way will it read the MS code in the bios for activation. Any other ISO download would require you still buy an upgrade OS for the key. 


If you search around in the Windows support area and/or post their someone may point you where to call. You could try the support Chat to a rep but you'll have to buy the upgrade media which is not expective at all and the simplist way to get all the drivers etc for a working image.

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