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lenovo legion y520 screen flickering while playing games and plugged in

Hello! I'm having some issues with my recently purchased secondhand Lenovo Legion y520 15IKBN. While the laptop is plugged in and I'm running a 3D application (I.E., a video game), the screen will flicker badly. The flickering presents as horrizontal white lines that go across the screen, seemingly at random as to where they appear. It does not occur while the laptop is unplugged, and in certain situations in the games it doesn't occur at all. For instance, I purchased this laptop specifically so I could play World of Warcraft ont he go. If the laptop is plugged in and I'm in the overworld (cities, outside zones) it'll flicker. Sometimes while I'm in a raid however, the flickering will go away after a few minutes. This makes me think it may be entity based in some way, and therefore tied to the CPU in some capacity, however I am getting conflicted results from my testing. I have taken the front bezel off the screen to test if it was a grounding issue with the screen, by using a copper wire to ground the metal on the edges of the screen to a wall lightswitch, no effect. But, I have tried applying pressure to the ribbon cable near where it enters into the main body of the laptop at the hinge, and this does reduce the flickering. This makes me think the cable is faulty but I can't think of why the flickering would cease after a period of time while raiding. For additional troubleshooting, I've reinstalled windows, reverted to previous drivers for the gpu, uninstalled all video drivers entirely with DDU and reinstalling them, and the above noted testing for grounding issues and cable issues. I have also taken the screen out entirely and reseated the cable at both the motherboard side and the screen side of the cable, without any change.

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Re: lenovo legion y520 screen flickering while playing games and plugged in

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What are the power settings you have now while the laptop is charging? 



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