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Fanfold Paper
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lenovo y700 problematic with gaming

hello to all lenovo y700 owners.

i bought a lenovo y700 (256 ssd-16gb-i7-gtx960m 4gb) about a month ago, iam new to gaming laptops, i usually game on consoles (i own a ps4). my first impression of lenovo y700 was positive ( i did not try to game on the laptop) when i did try to play ,my fist pc game was soma the first hour of the game was great but then the game stoped being smoothe. i stoped playing the game and bought a new game to try so i bought the new tomb raider. my fps on low and medium settings where unstable between 40 -60 not playable by my standards, the game was far from being smooth even on the lowest settings. so i tried dying light (demo) worked terrible. then i bought alien isolation the only game that worked ok. my driver is up to date , nvidea control panel is under high performance nvidia processor (control panel- shows my gpu gtx960m) im starting to think that lenovo y700 is more a scame then actually being called a gaming laptop. the only reason i am writing this is to check with other lenovo y700 owners how there experience is with this laptop,maybe im doing something wrong.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: lenovo y700 problematic with gaming



I have also problem i bought lenovo y700 and when im playing games i have had freezing for 2 - 3 seconds.

I really dont know where is problem. I scanned HDs, temperature everything. I cannot found problem.

If someone know about solution please reply thx.


Thank you

Fanfold Paper
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Re: lenovo y700 problematic with gaming

am i the only one who feels that i bought a (in my country) 1500 dollar gaming laptop to play indie games?

Fanfold Paper
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Re: lenovo y700 problematic with gaming

Smiley Very Happy yep i have same opinion


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Re: lenovo y700 problematic with gaming

To be honest, pc/laptop gaming is not as "plug and play" as console. Now, I cannot pinpoint the issue you are having but tweaking the graphical settings and searching the internet are some starting points.

Simply, setting the default low, medium and high settings will NOT give you desired results.


For example, in Rise of the Tomb Raider options like Pure Hair / Ambient Occlusion should be turned off. They are just too difficult to be processed for a laptop gpu and the graphical gain is far less compared to the significant performance loss. Overall, 960m is a decent gpu, its far from the best but it should be able to handle new games at medium/high settings at 50-60 fps.


Smoothness of a game is highly subjective. Personally, anything over 40 fps is smooth. Some of the options that I mostly turn off as soon as I start a game -

Tessellation, Ambient Occlusion, Pure Hair (or other fancy trick), Anisotropic filtering should never be more than 8 samples, MSAA


Since this is your first excursion in gaming laptops, here are some cold hard facts -

1) Laptops cannot compete with desktop gaming.

2) Heat is a major problem in most gaming laptops.

3) The performance is mostly compromised in sub $1500 laptops.

4) Laptops need more maintenance like cleaning, handling with care, creating restore backups etc


As I mentioned, the only way to get more frames at 1080p is to turn off those crazy graphics options. I always prefer my games on 1080p as it smooths out any inconsistencies even if some options are turned off.

Let me know if you need more details or any point is unclear. If you post what setting you are using for Rise of Tomb Raider and what fps are you getting, I can help you get better at tweaking. (Dont trust NVIDIA Geforce experience)

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What's DOS?
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Re: lenovo y700 problematic with gaming

I have exactly the same problems and the same laptop.


Im play mostly heroes of the storm, and i strugle with my fps, even playing on low setings the fps are


Allready instaled new drivers for both graphic cards and nothing seems to resolve this issue...


the funny thing is that i play on an cheap asus laptop and game runs smoth...


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Token Ring
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Re: lenovo y700 problematic with gaming

As said by rockykoston yes the gaming laptops cant compete with the ps4 because of high optimisations done on it & at the same time even if set the graphics settings to medium on pc it will look gr8 on pc.... So we need to adjust the ingame graphics settings to get constant framerate.... most performance hogging settings are first shadow,tesslelation,ambient occlusion,supersampling,post processing filters/effects,set AA to 4x or 8x(MSAA).... try reducing these settings untill you get smoother framerate.... the CPU frequency swinging can also cause major problems espesially on physx based games like Project cars.... So the CPU must be in constant frequency in order to get constant FPS.... U can do this with any CPU OC'ing utilities like XTU or ThrottleStop(u have been warned).... I have been there done that & still doing


Tips to get good framerate


1.Check is u have high performance battery profile & even in NVCP( Nvidia control panel)...

2.Disable both your antivirus & windows defender in order get free from disk usage and CPU usage spike & after gaming u can enable them..

3.Check your taskmanager for any suspicious file & take it down(like using high disk & CPU  usage)..

4.Disable any disk hungry apps...

5.Play your game on 1080p with some reduced ingame graphics settings mainly the things i aforementioned,cuz more framerate is better than high graphics settings with mediocre framerate.... If it still hogs reduse your resolution bit by bit & see if that works out....


P.S : 960m is definitely better than the AMD one from PS4 any day...




Dont forget to click KUDOS button(right down this sentence)if i have helped you....Ask any questions or Doubts,iam always ready to help.... Smiley Happy
What's DOS?
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Re: lenovo y700 problematic with gaming

did all that and still have fps on heroes of the storm with any setings... cant understand this...

Paper Tape
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Re: lenovo y700 problematic with gaming

I've been PC gaming only on a laptop for a few years now and this Y700 for me has been overall really great.  One thing I have found on some games it will not detect the GTX 960M card and will instead play on the built in Intel graphics.  For those games you will have to go to the nVidia control panel and force that specific application to use the nVidia card.  I played Rise of the Tomb Raider on mine with a mix of Med/High settings and it was perfectly smooth (over 30fps at least).  Recently I've put almost 200 hours into The Division with a mix of med/high settings, Doom with a mix of med/ultra settings w/ a framerate of 45-60fps, Overwatch at ultra settings, and the only game that's oddly ran pretty cruddy lately for me was Battleborn at a mix of low/med settings to keep over 30fps.  

Token Ring
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Re: lenovo y700 problematic with gaming

I game on both the Y50 and Y700's which are both very similar except for the slightly different i7 and the 860M vs. 960M.


First thing to understand is under battery, neither the CPU nor GPU will perform at it's peak performance.  There just isn't enough wattage from a lithium battery to run these at peak speeds on battery so if gaming, whenever possible- use the High Performance setting and plugged-in for best performance.


That being said, with ton of wattage input means more heat generated.  If the temps hit too high, it will start throttling speeds to hinder heat which in turn clogs performance.  Ensure your laptop vents are always clean of dust & debris, and a laptop cooling mat or nice, flat, hard surface for maximum lower vent clearance is best to keep temps in range.


Also, I am a bit dissapointed with the 960M vs. the 860M.  What was supposed to be the next-gen GPU is actually a bit slower across the boards from my tests.  This is not Lenovo's fault, but nVidia's.  It does not generally score as high as the older 860M in many features, many of which current games utilize heavily.  It does do better at some things, but those are rarely in even the latest games so only specialized benchmarks will show this vs. real-world gaming experience at this point in time.


Another important point- ensure you ARE on the nVidia GPU.  The nVidia drivers will often default to the super-slow Intel integrated drivers so forcing games through the control panel is recommended.


Be sure to inspect what other software you may have running.  Mobile devices can be much greater impacted by things that have little impact on desktops- things like background apps, messengers, anti-virus/security software, etc. etc.   While many of these have less than a 5% impact on high-powered desktops, they might hinder mobile devices by 20% or more.


Lastly, comparing other laptops is not always fair as some games are optimized for different GPU's.  Tomb Raider was mentioned and this game is particularly well optimized for AMD GPU's vs. nVidia.  It runs about the same on high-end, desktop GPU's from both makers, but when it's a mobile GPU, the optimizations are amplified between the two.  So, say a cheaper Asus laptop with an R-series AMD GPU might play this game better than many mobile nVidia GPU.   The reverse is also true for many "The Way it's Meant to be Played" nVidia optimized titles, such as Batman games, etc. etc.


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