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Re: lenovo y700 problematic with gaming

thanks for all of the advice i shall check and see if it will works for laptop is  a new one, i am starting to think that my lack of understanding in pc  is showing. when i started to go thru the process of instaling or runing the windows 10 the first time there is a possiblity that  i did something wrong.maybe i will ask a friend to format my laptopot. but first i will download rise of the tomb raider again and try to force the game thru nvidea control panel.

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Re: lenovo y700 problematic with gaming

Hey there, I read your problem and I wonder if you are playing without plugging in your charger if so your fps won't be good it's better if you plug it in while playing a game or so and put the power plan as high performance.


To do that follow the following steps - 


1. Look at your bottom left screen you will see a white icon which looks like a battery,

2. After that right click the icon and choose power options,

3. Then you'll see that there are thinks called Choose or customize a power plan,

4. Then, try to find High performance it maybe in hide additional plans.

5. And thats it.


By The Way: If you do high performance your batter will run out quicker when it is not pluged in. But I recomend you to plug it in.


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Re: lenovo y700 problematic with gaming

A very interesting topic I haven't spotted earlier!


I can say that @rockykoston's comment is very much on point in that you have to be very careful with the settings. I don't game a lot but the two demanding games I played on this laptop, GTA V and The Witcher 3, are both manageable in full HD, although just one wrong setting can make them unplayable:


  • GTA V is > 40-45 fps or more on Very High for me. Although you'd need to scale down to Normal if you wanted a consistent 60 fps, it's very playable with practically everything just a step below Ultra. However if you enable MSAA and TXAA (which is hardly worth it in the first place) the framerates will drop to < 25-30 fps. Same about some extra options such as extended viewing distance. 
  • The Witcher 3 also works fine however if you set the water quality too high it will almost completely freeze (down to single-digit fps, no pun intended) the moment you jump into a lake, and a similar issue can be seen with the improved hair rendering, so it should be kept off (note how GTA V dodged dealing with this issue by not allowing any characters to have longer hair).

PC game settings are somewhat future-proof, which is generally good. It means even high-end devices at the time of the game's release cannot handle everything maxed out but if/when you revisit the game a couple of years later, you'll be able to play with even better graphics than what was originally possible. Unfortunately this also means you have to spend some time initially tweaking the settings, the performance impact of which is often unclear.


Overall I'd say, this laptop is decent for gaming but you can't expect miracles. The biggest disappointment is the BIOS with features disabled, next to no customization, and lack of updates, and this of course relates to the issues of thermal throttling and fan control, which could have been addressed this way too. This product could have been so much better at nearly no extra per-unit cost to Lenovo, talk about a missed opportunity. However, hardware-wise, it's mostly fine.


Some technical points:


  • Mine is the 17" version, so heat dissipation is somewhat better.
  • The CPU is the i5-6300HQ. With the better i7 you're more likely to suffer from thermal throttling, so undervolting is even more important. Check out ThrottleStop.
  • nVidia GPU can be slightly overclocked (with e.g. nVidia Inspector), although I'm not sure if it changes a lot in practice.
  • It helps a lot if you can trim Windows from all the cruft. This can really improve performance a lot. Most issues people experience with this and any other laptop are software-related (such as the intermittent freezes brought up in the 2nd post).


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