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Punch Card
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Re: y740 Ram upgrade

i made them work somehow, i've let the pc like 1-2 minutes and booted itself. now the questions Smiley Happy


1. in cpuz with the new ram i have spd ext XMP 2.0 enabled, on ramaxel was blank.

2. difference is 2ns tested in passmark (20 hyperx,22ramaxel) ,does it matter?

3. score in passmark is 100 minimum, 300maximum above ramaxel reruned for 10 times, same results, these seems are better no need for Q.

4.can these ram improve the rest of the system?

 5. passmark graph shows 9gb rate transfer on hyperx and 8gb on ramaxel, matters alot?

see pictures

6. it seems in lenovo vantage it unlocked RAM overclock tab.


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Re: y740 Ram upgrade

So, if I'm not mistaken, the HyperX doesn't really give a noticeable performance boost (considering the price) unless you overclock the RAM (which generates more heat, a NO to me)?

Thanks for the info.
Punch Card
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Re: y740 Ram upgrade

don't know what to say. in bfv it's something really weird, i am capping 150fps (from 120-130) on ultra and that mini stutters went the rest of the games, not really much.

i enabled the xmp profile 1 and lenovo vantage boost Ram Overclock but doesn't say how, don't see any voltage slider or anything,just says ram overclock and i kept it on OFF cause i didn't want to increase temp also. Maybe i will give it a try if someone knows how to check/help me with it and see if there are any benefits.


Overall the ram costed 150euro,same price for all, and i wanted 32gb badly and had to chose between safe options like crucial/ramaxel  or newly hyperx, i am glad i picked up hyperx cause some of the reasons:

XMP enabled(even tho i don't use it sure there is something usable i will get the hang of it.

1gb higher transfer

all scores improved by 10% (2700-3100 ramaxel vs 3000-3500 hyperx) in passmark and userbench.


if i were to choose crucial or ramaxel i don't think besides ram increase from 16>32  i'd benefit anythng hyperx gives.


And also i am telling anyone,so who can help me get the max out of them, please do.


These are the ddr modules.

Memorie laptop Kingston HyperX Impact, DDR4, 32 GB, 2666 MHz, CL15, 1.2V, kit [ HX426S15IB2K2/32  

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