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How do I turn off Windows beeping sound when the laptop is waking up from sleep or hibernate?


How do I turn off Windows beeping sound when the battery is low?




1. Boot up your laptop and on the ThinkPad screen press F8 or F1 to boot into BIOS mode.

2. Select Config in the Main Screen

Picture 001.jpg


3. Select Beep and Alarm

Picture 002.jpg


4. Disable Power Control Beep <- Remove beeping when booting up or resume from sleep or suspend

    Disable Low Battery Alarm <- Remove beeping when battery is low

Picture 003.jpg


5. Press ESC twice then select "YES" to save BIOS settings.

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Thinkpad E540
bios version J9ET61WW 1.61 from 2014-03-21
OS Linux Mint Debian Edition
Bios -> Config -> Alarm and Beeps, I only have two options
- Password Beep
- Keyboard Beep
they are both disabled. How do i turn this annoying overly loud beep sound every time i reboot?