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How to maintain your laptop or desktop for optimal use


Alot of use our laptop everyday and chance are the will come a time where the machine will seem to run Sluggish and under perform. The reason for this is that we tend to take things for granted when it come to our machines and tend to throw everything at it and expect to perform superbly.

However, here are some thing to keep in mind and practise to maintain you computers performance.


1) Unistalling of Application.
Every now and then we have software that either corrupt,dislike or slows our computers performace. So an uninstallation process begins.We will always navigate to the control panel to uninstall programs. However by doing this is always successfull but some software tend to leave behind certains files that should have gone out with the uninstallation process but did not. To counter this we recommend the installation of a Software removal Tool called

  • "REVO" Uninstaller.
    "REVO" scans your computer for leftover files and Registry entries after the program is uninstalled, enabling you to perform a cleaner uninstall.

2)Regularly updating your Drivers and softwares
Drivers are a common thing we tend to over look. I believe this type senses come from the saying " If it Aint Broken, Why Fix it?". However this may not apply to computers though. Drivers updates are an essentail part of the Machine and will need to be checked regularly.Drivers and software updates are essentail the machine to rectify any issues you may face in the long run. There are software that can help with the process. Drivereasy and File Hippo's Update checker can simplify the process of checking for updates for your drivers.


3)Hard disk drive maintainance.
The Hard disk drive is the Brain of your machine. Thatis where almost everything is stored. It is best to make a habit to run "DISK-CHECK" everynow and then to ensure thatthere is no Bad sectors found in the HDD. To do so,

  • Go to "My Computer" 
  • > Right Click on "C" drive 
  • > Choose Propeties 
  • > Click on the "TOOLS" Tab 
  • > Click on "Check Now" Button
  • Tick both Boxes and click ok. 

    Another useful program to run for Disk maintainance.

4) Clean-up Tools.
Redundant files left over a period of time are things we tend to over look aswell. Using tools such as CCleaner can help with this cause. Clearing out redundant files should be done regularly and can help the with computers performance.Some will prefer to user a Registry Cleaning tool, however this is best to avoid as programs tend to delete irrepairable registry inputs for your windows system and cause serious damage to your system. As an alternative try checking out Free Registry Defrag for compacting and de-fraging.This would be safer choice.

5) Staying Safe and secure online
The best way to avoid affections is to ensure that you don't put yourself at risk. Ensure that your computer is well protected With Firewalls and Antiviruses. Paid Versions have usually more security and worth the investment but if you're on a budget there are free versions that can cater with enough security placed to keep your data protected at all time. Adding extra protection such as Malwarebytes or Threatfire will help tremendously.

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im2eric On 2015-02-16, 0:08 AM

REVO Uninstaller also has excellent utilities to to clean up junk files and to do other maintenance. Complimentary to but different from CCleaner. They offer both the Pro and a Freeware version.
The Advanced Systweak Optimizer has done well for me for registry and file manitenance.
Take a snapshot before registry maintenance.
Intel has a Driver Update Utility that does a scan and makes the updates easy.

Andy_Lenovo On 2018-10-04, 11:15 AM

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