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I had my T430 up and running well, then I installed MS OFFICE 2007, and whenever I use PowerPoint or Word, the whole machine lags bad....about 15-20 seconds to swtich a window. it is unbearable. 


My machine specs is T430 with i5 3360, 8BG RAM, and 256 GB SSD. 


The Office 2007 has worked great on one of my older machines for 4/12 years. Is there anything that I can do speed this process or what may be causing this issue?


When installing the Office for windows, there will always be an option for Add-ins. It is always best to avoid these ad-ins as this can create the lag in the software. You will require to disable them if you have it installed or remove them completely when not in use. Depending on the type of Ad-ins you have installed, these are the primary reson to as why the applications lag.


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