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Lenovo Staff
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My system sometimes hangs randomly and some files are not accessible too. What can i do?


There are many possibiltiies for issues mentioned above. However, you can start off a hard disk test by using Lenovo Hard Disk Quick Test (part of PC Tool). It is easy.

  • Download the file called Mediacreator_5499.00.exe to create a bootable USB key or bootable CD.
  • Then boot off the USB key or CD to run this simple version of PC Doctor (instructions are also provided on the webpage).
  • Start by running the quick HDD test.  If it fails, please provide information about all the error messages (like smart test failure, etc).  If the quick test does not fail then the advanced test and provide all error messages as before.


If test failed, you may want to contact call centre or service centre for assistance by informing them the result you have done.

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