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Troubleshooting tips on how to deal with a 'jumpy' TouchPad

Is your TouchPad 'jumpy'?  Here are several common causes:



1) Dirty TouchPad

It is vital that the pad remains clean.  Periodic cleaning of the TouchPad to remove buildup of oil and debris can improve consistency of operation.  Use a clean cloth or towel dampended with some isopropyl(rubbing) alcohol to clean the pad - wipe and allow to air dry.


2) TouchPad settings may require re-calibration
Go to the hardware section of the "Mouse" Utility. This can be found in the Control Panel. Once you are in the Mouse Utility locate Device Setting >>Advance Setting or Calibration. Follow the instructions to calibrate the TouchPad.


3) The drivers may be out of date - updated drivers can add features and improve performance

Go to Mouse Utility in the Control Panel, and locate the hardware tab. Select your TouchPad and click on the Toubleshoot button. Follow the instructions to diagnose the cause of the problem.


4) Cursor Speed problems / Palmcheck
In the Mouse Utility, go to "Pointers Options" and reduce the speed.This will prevent the cursor from going too fast when you move your finger on the TouchPad, which could be the source of the "jumpy" effect.  Some touchpads include settings to disable movement while typing and palmcheck / palm sensitivity settings - adjust these to best suit your preference.

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