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Will the new Lenovo Solution Center work on the Y series?


I have an IdeaPad Y470. I have the Lenovo ThinkVantage Toolbox (LTT) installed, and except for the Power Manager (which I didn't install), it works perfectly. I would like to "upgrade" to the new solution center. However, the following information says the new solution center works only for the models indicated:


About the new Lenovo Solution Center


Monitor System Health, Security and Performance
The Lenovo Solution Center is a new software application created by Lenovo, that helps users get the most out of their PC experience. The new software allows users to quickly identify the status for system health, network connections and overall system security. This dashboard view gives users the ability to quickly monitor the health and security of their PCs, optimize performance, and take action to reduce – or even prevent – downtime. It is compatible with the below Lenovo product list and is available only for Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit).


Supported systems:


Lenovo Solution Center ThinkPad E120, E125, E220, E320, E325, E420, E420s, E425, E520, E525, L420, L520, S220, S420, T420, T420s, T420i, T520, W520, X1, X121e, X130, X220, X220 Tablet, X220i, X220i Tablet
ThinkCentre Edge 71, Edge 71z, Edge 91, Edge 91z, M60e, M71e, M71z, M75e, M76, M77, M81, M90z, M91, M91p
ThinkStation C20, C20x, D20, E30, S20


Is Lenovo planning on making the solution center available to IdeaPad users? If not, will the current version of the center work in my Y470?


The new Lenovo Solution Center currently supports only the above ThinkPad models.


It is not currently tested for or supported on  IdeaPads, however future versions are expected to expand support for a greater number of Lenovo systems - both Think and Idea.   Check for the lattest version of LSC.


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