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My laptop always hibernates when my battery is at 75%. Battery shouldn't be at critical level at 75% and should not go into hibernate mode. Is my battery or motherboard having issues?


Do check the Windows Power Options (XP) or Lenovo Power Management (Win 7)


XP Power Options check


  1. Click Start
  2. Click Control Panel
  3. Click Power Options Icon
  4. Go to Alarms tab
  5. Ensure the "Low battery alarm" is set at 15% and "Critical battery alarm" at 5% (screenshot below)
  6. ScreenShot068.jpg
  7. Once it is set, press OK.


Windows 7 Power Manager Check


  1. Do ensure that Lenovo Power Manager is installed.
  2. Click on the "Battery Icon" on the taskbar
  3. In Power Manager click on "Advance"
  4. Click the drop down menu on Alarms
  5. Check "Low battery Alarm" at 10% for both AC and Batt
  6. Check "Reserve battery Level" at 7% for both AC and Batt
  7. Check "Critical low battery alarm" at 5% for both AC and BattCapture.JPG
  8.  Once that is done, Press OK.



If all has been set as above and the laptop is still getting "Critical Battery" or hibernate randomly,


Do ensure the following.


  1. Lenovo Drivers have been updated via ThinkVantage System Update.
  2. Do ensure that Windows update.
  3. Do a factory restore via Lenovo Recovery Media or Rescue and Recovery
  4. Check if there are any battery firmware update available for your battery

If all of the above has been done and problem still persist, contact service center.


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