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Hello.   My apologies for taking time out of your busy schedules.  I am writing to you today to share with you my CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE with Lenovo.   (Order Number-- 4240354656- for a V570 and external speakers placed on May 2, 2012).   I unfortunately cannot say that it was positive in any way... this was an online order which should have been easy to fulfill and instead resulted into a disaster.  Please allow me to explain what happened.

May 1- My work computer begins malfunctioning and I decide it is time to get a new laptop.  I was a Dell customer for years and now wanted to change to Lenovo (since many of my clients had Lenovo products in the past and were always happy with them).

May 2- I place an order for a Lenovo V570 and speakers online-- order stated a ship date of May 9.  Although my current computer was "dead", I was able to use my wife's laptop for a couple of days until my new laptop would arrive.

May 3- I receive an email stating that the laptop was to ship on May 29.  Concerned I call sales support and am assured that this is the "worse case" scenario.  It was scheduled to ship before May 11.  I advised the rep that if it were not to ship, I were to cancel the order. 

May 4- May 7- Call several times and speak to your sales support team in India who assure me that the system would ship before May 11.  Advise if it were to ship later than that I would cancel the order.  Online order status showed laptop to ship May 29-- told that this info was incorrect.

May 7- Call again and speak to a rep who told me he would send a message to Production to expedite the order.  He advised me that he would send me an email stating the confirmation (never received).  I'm still "borrowing a computer....

May 9- Send an email to confirm ship date, and receive a response stating it will ship May 11.

May 10- appx. 10 AM-ET- Call again to check status and told it will ship the "week of May 11"-- did not understand what week of May 11 meant (as May 11 is Friday), and ask to speak to a supervisor.   Transferred to floor supervisor Mr Jain, who initially advised me that the order would ship on May 29.  I advised him that I've been told all week that the computer was to ship May 11-- and now May 29 (the online status still showed May 29).  He told me he would check with production, and get an exact ship date, and would call me by the end of the business day.

--4 PM ET- Call sales support and ask to speak to Mr. Jain, and was told by rep that he was not available, and that he is working on my order.  I was to hear back to him by 8 PM ET.  Never called that evening

May 11- 9 AM ET- Call sales support and ask to speak to Mr. Jain.  Mr. Jain advised me that he did not call me because he did not have all the information that he needed about my order the day before, and that he was going to call me that day.  He confirmed that my order was ready to ship, and that it would go out that day via UPS Ground.  I expressed to him how unhappy I was about the constant calling and misinformation and asked for compensation-- he offered me a credit of $65 which he would apply to my credit card once the order shipped.  He emailed me his info and told me to email him as soon as I received a tracking number so that he can process the credit.

May 14- 11 AM ET- Notice that the order has not yet shipped online, and call sales support.  Advised by a sales agent that the order was waiting for UPS tracking labels.

May 15- 10 AM ET/12 NOON ET- Order had not yet shipped, and call sales support again to speak to Mr. Jain.  He at first did not want to speak to me, and I insisted that I speak to him.  He gets on the phone and advised me that my order did not ship.  I told him that he lied/mis-informed me and that I'm upset and tired of this.  I asked him to find another unit to ship to me that day.  He checked with sales and called me two hours later and told me that they could not do anything-- a new order had to be processed and start from the beginning.  He asked for a couple of hours to get an exact ship date... again.

5PM ET- Mr. Jain calls me and advises me that the order was due to ship out that day.  I was upset and told him how upset I was about the whole customer service experience and wanted to speak to him about how I was treated-- call after call, mis-informed/lied to... just a mess... and I didn't know why I was putting up with it!

6PM ET- Mr. Jain transfers me to North Carolina sales support and I originally speak to Tanis, who transfers me to Katie.  Spend some time explaining to her what I had gone through, and she tells me that my order is scheduled to ship out that day from China.  She attempts to find me another unit from the outlet store in North Carolina, but nothing available.  I tell her how upset I was, and that I feel foolish canceling the order after so much time and effort that I put into this order.  She offers me $80 for me troubles or a $120 accessory credit.  I was somewhat insulted... and was told that nothing better can be done by her.  She wanted to check with her manager the next morning.  I told her that this compensation was not acceptable, and that I felt a couple of hundred dollars off the order would be fair.  She said that could not be done by her or her department.

May 16- 10 AM ET- Katie calls and informs me that the order did not ship and that she spoke to her manager about compensating me for my trouble.  She and her manager decide it would be best for Corporate Customer Service to handle my case. 

4pm ET- Speak with Ms Reilly from Lenovo Corporate Customer Service.  Ms. Reilly tells me that she will investigate my order, and needs some time to look into the situation.  Tells me that she will reach out to her contacts to find out where the computer is in the production line.  Advised me that she needed until tomorrow morning to give me an exact update.

May 17- 12 NOON ET- I call Ms Reilly to check on the status of my order... Leave her a voicemail.

3 PM ET- receive an email with a UPS tracking number stating that my order left China today and is estimated to arrive on May 22.

4PM- Ms. Reilly calls me to advise me that the order had shipped, and that I should be receiving it in a few days.  She apologized.  I asked what she can do to make me a new, happy Lenovo customer.  She said that she felt $80 was fair-- and that she could not do better.   I told her that she insulted me (Mr. Jain a week before offered me $65),  and told her I was looking for at least $200 off the order.  She responded that she could not take 26% off the system... it was not profitable... the best she would do was take a $100 off and send me a battery....   She then told me that I always had the choice of cancelling the order all this time, and that it was my decision to go through all of this.  She was right-- I took her  last comment to heart and cancelled the order then and there.

So, as you can see from the summary of events above, my customer service experience was not ordinary.  It was not a "seamless order" where nothing major went wrong.  Instead, several things went wrong.  In today's competitive business environment, it is people that can help create bonds and create better experiences for the customer.  In my instance, there were too many mistakes being made.  Throughout all of my conversations with the sales team in India, I was continuously apologized to and was reminded that I was understood.  Something that was not genuine, but rather scripted. This is not a Lenovo issue, but rather a problem that every company that outsources sales and support teams internationally faces.  I work in the hospitality industry and deal with people all day-- from suppliers, clients and colleagues.  I understand that things sometimes don't go the way they are supposed to.  But  I also know that it is our job as professionals to make the situation good-- even when it means we lose money.

The most disappointing part of the whole experience was neither Mr. Jain nor Katie... but it was rather Ms. Reilly, who in her somewhat frozen and neutral tone expressed that it was all about the dollars and cents, rather than creating and building customers.  At one point during my conversation with Ms. Reilly I mentioned to her that she really shouldn't be looking at the actual loss of the computer-- but the actual loss of the customer.  She didn't understand what I meant by that.  Offering only $100 (yes she raised her offer by $20), and a battery to a customer who has gone through unhappy experience such as the one above is simply not fair.   Telling me that she cannot discount the computer 26% and that I always had the right to cancel the order was not something that I expected to hear.  At the end of the conversation expressed how upset I was with her comments, and told her that I as an unsatisfied customer will contact the Better Business Bureau, write letters to people at the executive level, and post/blog/discuss my unhappy experiences.   I asked her to cancel the order immediately, and reroute the computer back to your warehouse.

I questioned Ms. Reilly how she would feel if she had a similar experience as a customer with a company. Would she be happy to be to be offered $100 and a battery, for hours on the phone, being misinformed, and no one really knowing what is going on?   She told me that we are both different people, and what I thought was fair compensation ($200 off the unit), was something she would never ask for from a company.

And that is my first and last experience with Lenovo.  I gave it a fair chance, and really wanted to be a customer.  But it just didn't work out because "fair compensation" would mean that the unit would be reduced 26%...

I would be more than happy to further discuss any part of the whole experience if you should have any questions.  I encourage you to review phone calls to better understand what has happened, and how important the importance of Customer Relationship and Customer Service is.    Is this the way as corporate leaders of a company want your employees (your representatives) to handle customers? 



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