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Re: X300 International Warranty Service

Adamneb wrote:
All Apple products come with global repair coverage, you don’t specially need ProCare for Apple to perform repair on your Mac in another country.  Both AppleCare and ProCare includes global coverage by default, no need to shop for some special numbers while buying your product, Apple doesn’t classify its systems through product/machine type like lenovo does, neither there are stickers on Apple offerings.

For keeping things simple and well-organized, for the last 3 years Apple warranty is being rated the best by consumers:-


Though no rocket science but not all minds can be as visionary as the man behind Apple.

My writing this is simply for enlightening purpose without any objectifying judgment involved, consider them from a critic who wants to see competitors do well in the market too.

Thanks for your comments Adamneb,

My only point with Pro Care is that, as a Pro Care member, I can walk into any Apple Store worldwide and get immediate, priority service on my notebook.

As a business traveler, I cannot tell you how much I value this Apple service.

If I were travelling abroad, and if my MacBook Pro notebook were to fail, I could walk into any Apple Store for immediate service, or I could have my notebook sent in to Apple for immediate service.

If I were travelling abroad, with my ThinkPad, and if my ThinkPad notebook were to fail, I would have to cancel, or struggle through, my meetings and fly home for service.

ThinkPads are business tools for businessmen. Therefore, they should be the easiest notebooks on the market to service globally. I hope to see that in the future.

MacBook Pro, with an aluminum unibody enclosure **As of September 15, 2008, our company has completely switched to Apple. Having used ThinkPad products for over 10 years, we had desperately tried to find just one reason to continue using these products, to no avail. We are of the view that ThinkPads are no longer premium products. We wish you the best of luck with your ThinkPad! Happy computing…**
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T61 IWS not available in Europe?

Hi all, I am considering buying a T61 from the Lenovo US website. And I need one with warranty services in Europe. However, after browsing through the models listed on the website and checking their IWS status, I found that none of them comes with IWS in Europe. It is strange that a laptop intended for business use does not have warranty service in Europe. Will Lenovo post on their website other T61 models with IWS in Europe in future?
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Re: T61 IWS not available in Europe?

also want to buy a Lenovo Thinkpad. The T61 14.1 inch standard. But I travel to China frequently.  It is stupid that a Chinese Company wilol not repair it under warenty. The same computer is sold inj China.

Why buy a Chinese computer that cannot be repaired in China?

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Re: T61 IWS not available in Europe?

Well, as Mark mentioned, the IWS listing is evolving. Howefully Lenovo will list additional countries where the IWS is honoured, particularly to include those countries in which the particular "type" is sold in the first place.

For instance, as of today (Apr. 3, 2008) the 8891 model type (T61 14.1" standard) is sold in Canada, the US, Hong Kong, among other countries, but the list of IWS supported countries only includes the following:

CANADA 800-565-3344
INDONESIA 800-140-3555 OR 62-21-251-2955
Toll Free 0120-20-5550
MALAYSIA 1800-88-8558
PHILIPPINES 1800-1888-1426 OR 63-2-995-8420
TAIWAN 0800-000-700 OR 886-2-8723-9799
Northern Area (Hanoi): 84-4-843-6675 / Southern Area (Ho Chi Minh City): 84-8-829-5160

According to this list, it means that should someone with an 8891 purchased in the US should travel to Canada, that person could have their laptop serviced in Canada under the terms of the IWS, however, should someone who purchased an 8891 in Canada travel to the US ... warranty not honoured. I realize this is only "across the border" scenario, but if someone travels from here to the US for a protracted period of time, such as based on contractual basis, then it could become messy for the poor Canuck.

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Re: T61 IWS not available in Europe?

I just called IBM support in France and they said that they don't think the X300 isn't supported internationally (IWS), but they would check and call me back. Then I found this thread. I too bought this X300 with the understanding it would be fixed anywhere. It's a laptop (duh) so of course it travels. My screen has a blue line running up and down the left side of the screen so I need a new screen (or whatever) and I expect Lenovo to fix or replace this $3000 computer. If they tell me I have to wait til my next trip to the US, I'm not gonna be happy and it will be one more nail in the coffin for Lenovo at my company.

-Stimpy X300 6478-1TU
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Re: T61 IWS not available in Europe?

Oh, one more thing. I went to to see where a local Lenovo dealer is who was also an Authorised Warranty Service Provider. I called up the closest one and they said they do not do warranty repair of Lenovo. They told me to call IBM.

Someone needs to get their act together on this!!!

-Stimpy X300 6478-1TU
Paper Tape
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Re: T61 IWS not available in Europe?


I am extremely frustrated with Lenovo, so much so that although I'd like to spend my hard earned cash on a Thinkpad, I'm more likely to go with a Dell Latitude now.

1) I live in Australia, and the Lenovo Australia website has very little customisability - can't choose CPU, fastest T61 14" model is 2.4GHz, memory is not customisable (you can buy extra but it's separate to the base memory!), graphics not customisable, etc. Pitiful.

2) Australian prices are about 50% higher than American prices, after accounting for exchange rate.

3) I'm travelling to the USA and would like to buy a Thinkpad there to bring back, but the customised T61 14" model is the 8897 model, which according to the IWS website doesn't have warranty in Australia (incidentally, the USA isn't listed there either!), so what's the point of getting a laptop with no warranty.

I hate sounding like a troll, but even though I'd really like a T61, unless Lenovo gets its act together soon, my money will go to Michael Dell. I know I'm only one person, but by looking at the forums, I can see I'm not alone.

Punch Card
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Re: About International Warranty Services

Mark said,
For those buying in the US and taking the unit to another country on a permanent basis, the upgrades for other than extension of the warranty period (time) probably don't make sense.
       really thank your reply before. I still have some question about the warranty services. I can't understand that it is not make sense to upgrade the services if taking the unit to another country? Even you bring the computer to other country, you also need completely warranty services. I want buy the protection services and the longer time services to protect my laptop, why I cannot upgrade my services? Except it does not work outside the US.
      Even I ask not only one time, I still cannot get the direct answer. Could you give me the direct answer about is the protection services work at other country? specially in Hong Kong and Australia. According to my understanding, if I buy warranty services in US, period of time is apply in the covered country. The depot services base on the country provided. How about the protection services? Is it possible to provide in other country? I saw Hong Kong and Australia's Lenovo also sell these services.
   Thanks for your help.
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Re: About International Warranty Services

If Lenovo isn't the right laptop for people who travel a lot, which one (besides Apple) is? I have always bought IBM laptops because they were durable and I could get hardware support anywhere in the world. If that is no longer the case, then is there an alternative platform that runs windows?

-Stimpy X300 6478-1TU
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Re: About International Warranty Services

If you want it to be serviced anywhere in the world, buy one with International warranty.
This is no different than before. IBM did not offer international warranty on every model, only select models.
US models are cheaper partially because they only have US only warranty. Models with International warranty cost more.
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