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Fanfold Paper
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Access Denied on Lenovo's Website

I have been trying to go to the Lenovo website to look at computers since Sunday.  I get the following message EVERY time I try to log on.  I get this message while trying to use a Mac, HP and my iPhone.  Strange I could get into the forums, but glad I did.  Have lots of questions about laptops, but I would really like to be able to see them!! 


I have gone through all of the solutions I could find for Windows and my Mac.  Spent an hour with Apple on the phone yesterday and they have no resolution.  Can anyone help me?!!


This is the message I get:


Access Denied

You don't have permission to access" on this server.


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Re: Access Denied on Lenovo's Website

Hello and welcome to the Community,


That seems very strange indeed but unfortunately not something we are seeing reported by others or able to reproduce. The URL you posted doesn't actually require a log in for access which leads to the question of whether you are clicking on an option at the top of the page; Lenovo Pro or the "head and shoulders" icon which then results in the message?

You also don't state what all the solutions were so here's a stab in the dark; assuming the phone's wifi was turned on and it was connected via the same router to the internet as other devices have you tried resetting the router to refresh the connection or turned the phone's wifi off and attempted to access through your mobile data provider?




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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Access Denied on Lenovo's Website

Well, Andy, you solved my problem!! Turing off the wifi on my phone and rebooting the router fixed the problem after 3 days of trying to get logged on. Thanks so much!!

Paper Tape
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Re: Access Denied on Lenovo's Website  " Access Denied"

I tried it in my home internet, Company Internet, Mobile Internet( Sim card), tablet internet (sim card).

what should I do?

 I live In iran.

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