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Advantages of dual--core vs. non-dual core

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen, What are the advantages of a dual-core vs. non-dual core computers ? Is is significant ? Thank you.

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Re: Advantages of dual--core vs. non-dual core

Yes, it is significant. The ability to run more processes at the same time, at higher speed and so forth and so on.

Dual Core CPUs have been installed on 90% of ThinkPads for the past five years or so. There are some great deals to be had on used machines nowadays.

What are you looking for, and what applications do you have in mind? 



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Re: Advantages of dual--core vs. non-dual core

Dual Core or Multi Core CPU's come handy when you are using resource intensive applications.While most of the Systems we see today have atleast 2 CPU's,it would also depend on what kind of products you are using to take full advantage of the same.

For example Adobe's product's support Multi Threading,and they will run at an optimum level if your CPU has Multiple cores. The more cores the better Smiley Wink




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